Raindance Select shower with hand on the Select button

Select: intuitive water control

"Select your shower pleasure" at a touch of a button       

hansgrohe wants your home to be as beautiful and comfortable as possible. Since our sensational bathroom and kitchen products have proven exceedingly popular, we are continually expanding our Select product range.

The hansgrohe Select button...

  • guarantees simplicity day in, day out. Select products in the bathroom are ideal for customers who love to enjoy variety in the shower and ultimate ease of use at the wash basin. Regardless of whether you want to switch between your overhead and hand shower, or between jet types. Or whether you want to turn the water from your mixer on or off with precision.
  • makes households chores a breeze. Select is impressive in the kitchen because it can be used to turn the kitchen mixer on and off easily and conveniently, and controls the water with pinpoint accuracy. A hansgrohe concept that will make your work a whole lot easier.
  • functions purely mechanically and is robust. In a series of demanding tests, the hard-wearing button demonstrated its durability. So you can continue to enjoy your product for many years to come.
  • embodies timelessly modern bathroom design and is an eye catching feature wherever it is installed. The Select range was designed by Phoenix Design – one of the world's leading design studios.


Hansgrohe's Select logo.

Switch effortlessly to a different jet type or shower with a simple push of the button.

Select in the shower – switch jets intuitively with a savvy little button


Ultra-modern showers and shower control systems which pamper the user and are quick to install

  • Hansgrohe hand shower with RainAir jet.
  • Hansgrohe overhead shower with RainAir jet.
  • Rain jet for rinsing out shampoo.
  • Hansgrohe overhead shower with Rain jet.
  • Select button on a Hansgrohe overhead shower.
  • ShowerTablet Select with shower utensils
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