Loft apartment with kitchen and sleeping area

Open-plan kitchen design trends

Modern kitchen taps add a touch of quality to open-plan kitchen design

The kitchen is transformed from a mere working area to a shared space for living and entertaining. This is by no means a revival of the traditional open-plan kitchen which in former times served to keep the daily routine around the stove well away from the living room. But it has a fundamental impact on the usual kitchen design. Featuring contemporary architecture, the cooking and eating areas merge rather harmoniously with the remaining living space to form a single unit. This transforms the kitchen which for a long time has been viewed primarily in terms of its function into a new focal point within the home. In the trend towards flowing architecture and open-plan kitchens this area also reflects the demand for increased standards of quality when it comes to home comforts and kitchen design.

"For many people, cooking is a passion that they would love to share with others. So this offers the option of creating a solution whereby the kitchen's working area is merged with areas that are used for hospitality and living." Christian Wadsack, Dipl.-Ing. interior designer BDIA

Kitchen and living space are combined to form one single unit

Developers are increasingly opting for a floor plan that establishes the kitchen at the very heart of the home. Dividing elements are omitted and objects are arranged in a practical way. For example, these days we find that a kitchen island or an open-plan counter with adjoining preparation area are at the top of people's wishlists. The visible front sections can be perfectly coordinated with the living area. In many cases cosy seating arrangements complement the counter, which is also a place where guests can gather; in this inviting ambience of cooking and living, the prominent sink unit mixer becomes a real eye-catching feature. It is also a kitchen assistant, used by a number of amateur chefs when they are cooking together, which is also a current trend. To satisfy this kitchen design trend, the AXOR and hansgrohe brands offer a selection of kitchen taps that are both functional and highly attractive.

Intelligent functions fulfil individual requirements

Kitchen mixers from AXOR and hansgrohe are impressive thanks to their sophisticated functionality, comfortable ergonomics and award-winning design. A large swivel range and ample spout height can help you create your own personal ComfortZone. The Semi-Pro variants, which feature a stainless steel spring or a pull-out spray head with two jet types, offer even greater flexibility. In smaller spaces, (concealed installation) kitchen mixers that are integrated in the wall are preferred over the classic sink unit mixer – creating more space at the kitchen sink.

Latest innovation from hansgrohe: Select technology. Even on kitchen mixers, the Select button can either be used to select the jet type or to turn the water on and off. This is particularly practical and convenient in conjunction with a hand spray, or if the kitchen features island solutions.

More information on our kitchen taps

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