Terms of Use - Dealer Recommendation

Terms of Use - Dealer Recommendation as of October 2011

The following terms of use apply to Hansgrohe UK's provision of the dealer recommendation function.

1. Services
We provide our website users with the ‘dealer recommendation’ function. The user can use this function to select specialist dealers and send their address information to selected recipients by e-mail or text message. In doing so, the user independently enters the recipient and his address data (e-mail address or mobile phone number). We then create the message content (dealer address data and legally required company details). The user cannot change or expand on the text when using text messaging but can add contents to the subject line and the message text when using e-mail. Messages are sent in unencrypted format and will not be sent if the recipient informs us that they are not desired.

2. Our Responsibilities
The ‘dealer recommendation’ function is an optional and free of charge service offered by ourselves, which can be discontinued or limited at any time. We do not check the accuracy of the address data supplied by the user and do not guarantee the availability of the function or that e-mails or text messages can be successfully sent and accessed.

3. User Responsibilities
The user confirms that the recipient agrees to receive a message.

With the exception of the dealer address data supplied by us, the user is solely responsible for the contents which are generated, selected and sent by him, his representatives or other persons with access to his access. In so far as the user can add or compile content, he must not publish contents which violate current laws, in particular content which is illegal, in breach of contract, infringes copyright or is offensive. The ‘dealer recommendation’ function must not be used to send spam e-cards or any other form of advertising or marketing messages or chain letters.

4. Liability of the User for his Behaviour
The user is liable for breaches in his contractual or legal obligations in accordance with the legal regulations.

In addition, the user releases us from any third-party claims asserted against us due to an infringement of third-party rights through his use. If the user is in breach of his obligations, applicable laws or common decency, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently block his usage.

Information on Data Protection

If you use our ‘dealer recommendation’ function, we will collect and use the e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and names which you have provided for the sender and recipient as well as any message you have entered within the scope allowed by law and in accordance with our information on data protection.

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