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From start to finish

Commitment and responsibility for sustainable productivity

From the initial idea right through to the packing process, the Hansgrohe Group is committed to the very best production methods.  At our resource-efficient workplaces, we focus on maintaining a company policy that holds respect and promotes equality for every member of our workforce.

The Hansgrohe Group, specialising in sustainable success

Sustainable management is written into the very DNA of hansgrohe. It’s by focusing on responsible production on a long-term basis that we’ve built the international success of the Hansgrohe Group. That includes

  • Responsible management
    Hansgrohe is committed to sustainably, which applies to all production processes across all sites, as well as the handling of both our valued employees and resources.
  • Company management
    At every level of Hansgrohe, outstanding results are paramount. Each person's work focuses on delivering on three levels: economically, environmentally and societally.
  • Social commitment
    Hansgrohe is actively engaged in social commitment, extending far beyond merely its business interests. In particular, the company is heavily involved in social and ecological projects.

How this benefits you

You can be confident that your hansgrohe bathroom or kitchen product has been manufactured in environmentally friendly and socially responsible conditions. In your home, it will function reliably and economically, having been built to last, using high quality materials. Reassuring, isn’t it?

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