A refined sense of style

Fall in love with the timeless elegance of Classic design

Classic bathroom design allows you to make use of gold accents and traditional shapes, creating a sophisticated space that harks back to the days of refined glamour. But while the aesthetic might be vintage, with hansgrohe, the technology hidden within is cutting edge, making it a perfect mix of the classic and the new.

Classical bathroom with nostalgic taps.
In the Classic bathroom, traditional shapes are combined with pioneering technologies, to create a modern take on the nostalgic.

A modern take on Classic bathroom design

A well-designed Classic bathroom takes advantage of today’s architecture and technology, and mixes it with traditional design touches. Modern spatial planning creates an open space for you to enjoy, while traditional decoration turns it into a vintage-style haven from the modern world. Because of the timeless nature of the style, it’s a look that will fit into all homes, from the modern to the period property.

  • Wall surfaces in pure white, mixed with tiles in pastel tones and brightly coloured bathroom furniture creates an airy atmosphere in rooms of any size.
  • Experiment with lavish lighting to highlight the ornate elements of your Classic bathroom, whether it’s through large, windows or artfully positioned lamps.
  • Define your spaces visually, separating the spa area from the functional, to draw attention to the design.
  • A free-standing bath embodies the luxury of vintage style. Contrast this with the modern feel of a wet room shower, for the best of both worlds.
  • By using high-quality materials and innovative technologies, you can enjoy a modern approach to both sustainability and comfort.

Classic bathroom design uses graceful forms, playful accessories, gold accents and vintage accessories to create a stylish and welcoming ambience.

Exquisite elegance in a single lever design

The sweeping shapes and fine gold accents of this tap bring classic design and modern technology to your dream bathroom.

Sink tap with golden segments in a classic bathroom.

Traditional shapes and innovative technologies

In the Classic bathroom, mixers and showers can play a key role in achieving the effect you dream of. Contemporary materials and technologies are combined with traditional shapes for a modern version of Classic design.

  • The graceful mixers from the Metris Classic range combine the charm of the old with a sense of modern effortlessness. → Explore the Metris Classic range
  • The Metropol Classic range adds high-quality accents, thanks to the sweeping elegant lines and gold details of the taps and mixers for sinks, baths and bidets, as well as overhead and hand showers.. → Explore the Metropol Classic range.
  • With their vibrant design, the mixers from the Logis Classic range are a striking addition to the Classic bathroom.  The elegant chrome surfaces demonstrate true design precision. 
  • The round overhead and hand showers in the Raindance range offer contemporary water indulgence in a classic design.  Choose from a purely chrome or a chrome and gold finish to blend seamlessly with the ambience you’ve created. → Explore the Raindance range
The mixers in the hansgrohe Classic style merge sophisticated design and functional perfection, so that you can enjoy water both in a luxurious and a responsible way.
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