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Wasser sparen, Klima schützen

hansgrohe EcoSmart technology

hansgrohe taps equipped with EcoSmart consume up to 60% less water than conventional products.

High-quality bidet taps from hansgrohe

Add a sophisticated finishing touch to your bidet

With our innovative technologies, award winning design and range of styles, you’ll find the perfect tap to complement your bidet. There’s a tap to coordinate with each of hansgrohe’s product ranges, so you can ensure a cohesive design throughout your bathroom.

Prioritising comfort

A bidet offers the perfect hygienic solution for cleansing sensitive parts of the body carefully and gently. Our single lever bidet taps come in a variety of hand designs, such as a joystick or pin handle. Or choose the Talis Select S bidet tap, which allows you to turn the water jet on and off at the touch of a button - particularly useful if your hands are soapy. All hansgrohe bidet taps feature a ball joint, to allow for individual adjustment of the spout by up to +/- 20 degrees.

Style comes as standard

hansgrohe bidet taps are designed in parallel with each hansgrohe bathroom range: with straight contours, tilted towards the basin, with or without a base and to match any bathroom design. With such a variety of taps, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit, even if the rest of your bathroom:  matching basin taps or showers.

Which bidet tap?

Taps with a push-open waste set are different from those with a pop-up waste set, which are conveniently operated via a pressure plug. In this case, you don’t need the pull rod on the back of the tap, streamlining the shape of the tap itself.

With hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, you can save water and energy, available in taps from the Talis S, Talis Select S, Talis E or Metropol Classic product ranges. This automatically limits the flow rate, so you only consume an economical 5 l/min.

Other innovations
With hansgrohe AirPower, you are pampered with water droplets enriched with air, making it feel softer and more full-bodied on your skin. Thanks to QuickClean, our taps are easy to clean, as you can simply rub off any limescale residues on the spout. Find out more about our innovative technologies here.

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