Bathroom products from the 1960s right through to today: #hansfactor
The green innovator spirit is within us all

The #hansfactor: we've been passionate about water for 120 years

Take an inspiring idea and play around with it until you have a long-term solution. Hansgrohe has been doing this for 120 years now. Being inventive, adopting a stance, taking responsibility. The #hansfactor is the green innovator spirit that is within us all, as we believe in a better future. For us, for our children, for our planet.  

120 years of trying new ideas and creating lasting solutions

Hans Grohe, a founding father and visionary pioneer in all things water.
Pioneer Hans Grohe was motivated by his desire to offer people a comfortable showering experience and inspired by the wonderful element of water every single day of his life.

Who was Hans Grohe? A founding father who was passionate about the future. The passion for water began within him in 1901, and is still the driving force behind Hansgrohe to this day. “What do the people of today and tomorrow want to experience in the bathroom?” This is the question we still ask ourselves daily. This approach helps to set us apart and create trends in the industry with high-quality products, that are build to last. 

From an innovator to a global powerhouse of ideas: This is Hans Grohe’s legacy. His first stroke of genius was back in 1928 – the hand shower with a porcelain handle. His invention made the showers of his time safer and more comfortable to use. Long before ‘wellness’ meant anything to anyone.

Innovation. Then and now. #hansfactor

The new way to shower with PowderRain

The hansgrohe PowderRain invention from the new Pulsify hand shower.
hansgrohe tirelessly improves and embellishes its products: The micro-fine PowderRain jet type has recently been seen cascading from Pulsify showers.
Let’s jump from 1901 to today and make a quantum leap in terms of the showering experience. Since 2019, the hansgrohe has been wowing customers with PowderRain. The bathroom has become a sensual space to rest and recharge. Water can do so much more than just cleaning oneself – we can transform our body and soul. 

More on PowderRain 

The quality is always improving, even when it comes to sound

The hansgrohe inventors know spray types are crucial for a great all-round showering experience. Even the sound of the water matters. That’s why our researchers at the spray laboratory test how water flows through the taps and showers. At the sound lab, acoustics experts listen to the noises they make. What is the perfect sound of water? The quieter, the better. There is no place for excess noise in our products – that’s our professional commitment. Hear how fantastic it sounds for yourself, with the hansgrohe inspired playlist. 

Be more hans! The future needs you.

We don’t think in terms of Generation X, Y or Z. We are Generation h, and we are facing climate change and the digital transformation head-on. We are tackling the challenges of our time with expertise and a love of innovating. So let’s take a leaf out of the hansgrohe pioneers’ book and become problem-solvers ourselves: Join us as Generation h! 

Even small steps towards sustainability count. Our clever hansgrohe tools and products are here to help. The hansgrohe water savings calculator, for example, calculates the resources you can save by switching to our taps and showers. Good for the climate, good for your wallet.

Save water and give back to the planet

The green bathroom: hansgrohe consumer magazine on renovation.

hansgrohe whitepaper: the green bathroom

It’s not every day that you rethink your bathroom. When you do, you need to do it right. In other words, sustainably. hansgrohe is here to help you transform your bathroom into an eco-friendly feel-good oasis with this guide. Whether you’re renovating an old bathroom or building a new one, you will find an environmentally friendly alternative for practically all the elements, building materials and products you need. Read the whitepaper to find out what they are. This handy document also contains advice from an expert on the healthy home environment.

Download the whitepaper 

What is sustainable product design?

Do you want to find out even more about the long-lasting value of hansgrohe products, both on the inside and out? You can find interesting information on quality, design and the guarantee's here.
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