The power of combination

Streamline your workflow with this new kitchen addition

There’s a small revolution happening at the most used spot in the kitchen: meet the new hansgrohe combi units. Each unit seamlessly combines a sink, tap and innovative sBox, to create an overall solution to cut down the time it takes you to perform simple kitchen chores.

New combination of sink and kitchen tap.
hansgrohe innovation: a sophisticated trio of sink, tap with separate operating element, and sBox.

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This is a unit designed from the ground up: sink design, water control and operating radius have all be reimagined, to come together in one minimalist piece. Available in both large scale and more compact formats, with two sinks or one, there’s a combi unit to suit every size of kitchen. The range has already wowed international design experts: every sink in the range was awarded the if Design Award in 2017.

The power of hansgrohe innovation

You’ll enjoy a smoother workflow at the sink, thanks to the ability to control the water from the sink rim, as well as the sBox, which allows you to pull out the hose for a more flexible use of water. Available in two versions, you can choose from:

  • rocker lever on the rim of the sink for controlling the water quantity and temperature;
  • A Select push button to start and stop the flow of water and open and close the drain.

The components are perfectly coordinated to provide you not only with quality, ease of operation and functionality, but also maximum reliability.

hansgrohe news: new combination of sink and kitchen tap.
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