Because one size doesn’t fit all

Discover the sink that fuses form and function

Kitchens come in all sizes, which is why our sinks do too. Whether yours is compact or spacious, you can enjoy a hansgrohe sink in hand-welded stainless steel, offering great stability and eye catching design.

New ideas for a modern kitchen from hansgrohe.
Impressive design: the wide L-shaped sink rim makes the tap an eye-catching feature and offers the perfect backdrop for your cooking.

A perfect fit

Find freedom in kitchen design - with a range of sink configurations, you can create a sink area that fits your needs. Choose two different basins or two of the same size, as well as whether to integrate a draining board. Whether you’re a keen chef who needs space for multitasking, or you live in a home where space is at a premium, you’ll find the right kitchen sink for you.

Setting new design standards

The sinks in this range are more than just practical. They add a stylish stainless steel element to your kitchen. The wide rim allows both the sink and the control unit to merge into one unit, and the sleek design allows means they blend seamlessly into your existing kitchen. And of course, every sink works in perfect visual harmony with a hansgrohe kitchen taps.

Thoroughly satisfying in form and function

The new hansgrohe sink range comes in five different sizes, and there are many variants and additional options available. Whether you prefer a traditional counter-top sink, under-mounted in your worktop or flush-mounted within it, you’ll find the perfect fit for your dream kitchen.

If that presents too many choices, check out our sink combi units. They cleverly combine a sink, kitchen tap (complete with innovative water control on the sink rim), and the new sBox.

Kitchen with modern double bowl made of stainless steel.
hansgrohe sinks are available for flush-mounted and surface-mounted installation. The under-mounted variants are especially minimalist, as you can see with these two different sized basins.

Get lasting enjoyment in the kitchen

A new kitchen is an investment, and so durable and robust craftsmanship are key. That’s why we focus not just on design and functionality, but on the materials we choose and the way that we use them. Take the tap ledge: not only is the 1mm stainless steel hand welded, but the whole area is reinforced, so there’s no risk of a unsteady tap that comes loose over time.

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