Where nature meets man-made

An pioneering avant-garde approach to natural design

This avant-garde bathroom is unusual, taking inspiration from the natural world and translating it into pioneering design. From the overall asymmetry to the interplay between wood, stone and glass, the style is bold and distinctive. The taps, in an exclusive bronze finish, add a further striking element to this masterpiece of modern design.

Natural elements in the bathroom with spacious windows and wooden elements.
Inspired by nature, translated through design

Let your bold design instincts show with natural avant-garde

This bathroom, set in the heart of the Australian countryside, is an example of what can be achieved when an avant-garde approach is combined with a love of the natural world. The large windows allow you to enjoy the scenery while relaxing in the bath, while that scenery is reflected in the wooden surrounds of the twin sinks, supported by a stone axel. A podium is used to elevate the bath, which is highlighted by the bronze finish to the top and the extra wide wooden steps leading to it. Overall, it’s the organic and asymmetrical shapes, as well as the natural materials, which are used so cleverly in creating a thoroughly modern interior.

Choose striking design touches to finish the look

Such a bold design requires bold bathroom accessories, making the hansgrohe PuraVida range a perfect fit.  The bronze finish enhances the flowing lines of the organically shaped sink, tap and bath mixer. Inside these, innovative technology lets you enjoy water in comfort and use resources in an ecologically responsible way.
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