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Are you looking for an elegant shower head with spray switch-over at the touch of a button? A large, swivelling overhead shower? Or a shower system that you can use to upgrade your bathroom at a later date? The hansgrohe Croma shower family is just what you need. Choose from a wide range of multi-functional products for the shower and bath tub and look forward to lots of fun with water. View Products

Lots of choice, lots of fun with water

hansgrohe Croma: the all rounder for the modern family bathroom

Croma looks good and feels great. These showers are known for their modern designs and excellent value for money – perfect for young families. Croma shower heads and shower systems come in attractive colours such as White/Chrome, Matt Black, and Brushed Bronze.  

Croma hand showers: from tried-and-tested classics through to the Select model

The Croma hand shower family featuring a 100 mm spray disc is a classic product with lots of impressive extra features. Enjoy the invigorating Rain spray in different forms, from the massage to the TurboRain spray. And that’s not all. The latest generation of Croma products awaits with even more showering indulgence (110 mm spray disc) and Select technology. The latter enables you to choose the spray that you want intuitively, at the touch of a button. In an openly rounded design or with a smooth-cornered silhouette, the new Croma creates modern accents. Whichever model you choose, the hand shower is available as a water-saving EcoSmart version that consumes just 9 litres per minute and comes with practical QuickClean technology.

Croma overhead showers: Indulgence comes in all sizes

Whether with a 100 mm spray disc or a lavish 280 mm one, Croma overhead showers offer indulgence in many formats. For example the new Croma E 280 overhead shower is nice and big and available in a modern SoftCube design with rounded edges. The 280 mm wide, high-quality metal spray disc showers you with soft pearls of RainAir shower rain with AirPower. The round Croma 160 and Croma 280 overhead showers offer XXL showering indulgence. Their lavish, round spray discs envelop your body in super-soft shower rain. Do you want an overhead shower with two spray types? With Croma Select overhead showers (180 mm), you can decide at the touch of a button whether you want to be cocooned in rain or enjoy the powerful IntenseRain spray. Its design is also versatile – choose between round or SoftCube, chrome all over or White/Chrome. The overhead showers can be installed on the wall or ceiling and are available as an economical EcoSmart model. Croma is synonymous with practicality: Rub the silicone nozzles of the shower to quickly remove limescale deposits. Or remove the spray disc entirely.

Easy-to-retrofit shower system: hansgrohe Croma Showerpipes

Croma Showerpipes are all-in-one systems consisting of an overhead shower, hand shower, and thermostatic mixer or single lever tap. Shower systems are ideal for bathroom renovations, since they are easy to install onto existing connections. Depending on your bathroom’s design, you have the choice of the round or SoftCube design, as is the case with the new Croma E 280 Showerpipe. The hand shower can be fixed to it at the right height with a new shower slider – all at the touch of a button. The Croma E 280 Showerpipe comes with the new Ecostat E thermostatic mixer for even more safety in the shower and bath tub. Another example is the Croma Select 180 2jet Showerpipe, proof that anything is possible with a little effort, as it features a reliable, ergonomic thermostatic mixer (Ecostat Comfort), five spray types (2 x overhead showers, 3 x hand showers), a swivelling shower head for the perfect position plus spray switch-over at the touch of a Select push button.

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Save water, protect the environment

hansgrohe EcoSmart technology

hansgrohe showers equipped with EcoSmart consume up to 40% less water than conventional products. So you feel fantastic when using them!

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