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Upgrade your shower

Get quality shower accessories for your bathroom

Well chosen accessories can change both the look of your bathroom, and how you use it. With hansgrohe accessories, you can be sure that they match the quality and ease of use of your other hansgrohe products. Hard-wearing chrome creates a polished look that is easy to maintain, while scratch-proof glass both looks good and guarantees safety.

The hansgrohe shower accessory range includes shower rails for flexible shower positions and hands-free indulgence, shower supports for customised attachment of the shower to the wall, kink-resistant shower hoses, practical soap dishes, as well as foot supports and grab bars for added comfort and safety.

A range of hansgrohe shower hoses

Our shower hoses come in five different models for your hand shower and can be precisely adapted to your needs. Sensoflex shower hoses are made of metal, feature an easy-to-clean plastic coating and, thanks to the pivot joints, they always fit comfortably in your hand. Isiflex shower hoses can come with built-in volume control, so you can conveniently control the water volume on the hose.
Each is available in lengths 1.25m, 1.6m and 2m, and are easy to install without the need for pliers. Low maintenance and kink-proof, the metal or plastic in a metal finish surface of the hose means they coordinate perfectly with the chrome of your shower. And as you would expect with a hansgrohe product, they have undergone rigorous quality control tests to assess the compressive and tensile strength, as well as the kink-resistance and tightness. They’re even certified as safe for drinking water.

Hose connections, now available with shower supports and shelves

FixFit hose connections reliably connect your shower to the water connection in your wall. They are available as connections with non-return valves, so no process water flows back into the pipes, or with a ball joint to prevent any annoying twisting of the hose itself. You can also choose one with a built-in shower support, to add a sleek uncluttered look to your bathroom. For a hose connection that does everything, check out the FixFit Porter 300. Not only is this a hose connection and shower support, it’s also a shelf for your shower toiletries.

Why install a shower rail?

hansgrohe shower rails are practical aides that can help everyone in the shower. They’re particularly useful for any multigenerational bathroom, or for those with limited mobility. They’re available in the standard lengths 0.65m and 0.90m, as variants of 0.72m and 1.05m, or even a convenient 1.50m. The Unica E shower rail is 1.50m long. The shower support can be adjusted using one hand, and is both rotatable and tiltable. It features a built-in glass shelf and, if required, can be expanded to include additional shelves. The glass front ensures it looks good in any bathroom.

The Unica Comfort shower rail acts as a lab-tested grab bar, and the removable shelf offers useful storage space. We have a range of shower rails for both baths and showers, to suit every budget and aesthetics.

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