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hansgrohe Select technology

Select your shower pleasure

The intuitive operating concept with the button: Change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off in just one click.

Find your perfect hansgrohe shower system

All-in-one pamper packages for every bathroom

hansgrohe showers combine multiple types of shower experience into one unit, for the perfect combination of flexibility and design. All-in-one units include both a hand shower and an overhead shower, with a choice of thermostatic or single lever mixer. Simply choose the number of overhead sprays to suit you, and install the all-in-one system on your existing wall connections. Numerous designs at a range of prices give you the flexibility to find your ideal shower.

Shower systems for every taste and any budget

Whether it’s a new installation or a well-deserved upgrade, an innovative shower system from hansgrohe is perfect for bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Our wide range of all-in-one solutions runs from compact all-in-one showers, such as the Crometta model, all the way to the stunning scale of the Rainmaker Select rain shower XXL variant.

All our systems are easy to install, as they’re been designed for exposed installation on existing connections, so you don’t have to integrate them into the wall. Even the most indulgent rain showers are quick and easy to install, so you’ll be luxuriating in your perfect shower in no time.

Luxuriate in the rain of a showerpipe

Our all-in-one showers offer a multitude of different spray types to fit every mood. Wake up with the Rain jet’s invigorating spray, bask among the RainAir’s luxuriously soft droplets, or conjure your own personal waterfall in the comfort of your bathroom with RainFlow.
Choose from a thermostatic mixer or manual valve, and keep your bathing products within easy reach thanks to the spacious shelf areas on the Raindance E and Rainmaker Select showerpipes. All hansgrohe shower panels have built-in temperature protection and keep water volume, pressure and temperature constant, so you can simply relax and enjoy.

AirPower, EcoSmart, QuickClean: the choice is yours

All-in-one shower units give you freedom to choose different options, and they’re all easy to use even when you’re under the flowing water.

Unlike other showers, our intuitive Select button allows you to conveniently click to the type of spray you want. With our AirPower and EcoSmart technologies, you can enjoy indulgent showers without worrying about the environment or your wallet, as they use water more efficiently, saving water and keeping costs down. And cleaning your shower is a breeze thanks to QuickClean allowing you to simply wipe away limescale from the silicon nozzles.

Whatever type of shower you’re looking for, you can choose from our wide range of features to discover the shower system perfectly tailored to you.

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