The director considers it crucial that the Company maintains a reputation for high standards of business conduct. The director is responsible for setting, monitoring and upholding the culture, values, standards, ethics, brand and reputation of the Company to ensure that our obligations to our stakeholders are met.

To ensure the director takes account of the likely consequences of decisions in the long term, the company has a three year plan. Progress is reviewed regularly at the executive meetings with clear communication and review of management information and KPIs.

Our employees are fundamental to the delivery of our plan. The company operates a personal performance review process which encourages employees and managers to have a regular dialogue specifically tailored to the needs of both the business and employees. Employees engagement in the business is seen as high importance and a new engagement survey has been successfully launched. This allows us to tailor questions to specific topics and build a long term view of employees’ engagement.

Our customers and suppliers are also fundamental partners of the business and as leading premium brand, it is essential that we maintain our reputation for high standards of business conduct. We review our supplier relationships regularly and continue to improve our products and customer service.

The Hansgrohe Group is expressly committed to sustainability and to environmental and climate protection worldwide. The Hansgrohe group views itself as a Green Company and regards sustainability as a requirement for ensuring long term existence on the market. Quality, environmental and health protection form an integral part of the Hansgrohe company policy in manufacturing bathroom products.

​​​​​​​The director and the senior executives are fully committed to behave responsibly towards the stakeholders and treat them fairly and equally, so that they all benefit from the successful delivery of our plan.
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