hansgrohe Croma E overhead shower with XL shower rain.

Overhead showers

Do you dream of a soothing break under the rain shower? Whether you’re shopping for the main bathroom or the small guest bathroom, we have the right overhead shower for you. From fun, pattering sprays to gentle rain showers, find your feel-good spray type, choose your perfect surface finish, and have your dream shower mounted on the wall or ceiling.More about Overhead showers

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Thermostatic mixers

Intuitively control your shower pleasure

Always shower at a temperature that feels good to you. With a hansgrohe shower thermostat, you avoid unpleasant surprises and err on the side of caution with shower rain.

Check out hansgrohe RainSelect.
Dive head first into indulgent showering

hansgrohe overhead showers: from the small shower head to the huge rain shower

The rain shower is designed to blend in harmoniously with your bathroom style: Choose the correct size of overhead shower in a round, strikingly square, or gently curved shape. Are space requirements a concern? hansgrohe has designed Pulsify with small, feel-good bathrooms in mind – the range of overhead showers offers a solution for every space. Want more? We have rain showers with a spray disc of up to 600 mm in diameter and XXL Performance for a truly great showering experience.

Design for special requirements

The rain showers are available either in classic chrome plating or metallic or matt colours. Be inspired by the FinishPlus surface finishes, which are designed to enhance every bathroom setting. You might also like playing with the contrast of chrome and a graphite-coloured spray disc from Rainfinity or Pulsify. We offer the matching hand shower and accessories for all rain showers to ensure coordinated design.

What options do you have for the installation?

There are various options depending on the design: The overhead shower can either be mounted on the wall or installed up above using a ceiling connector. With flush mounting, the spray disc and ceiling become one. When wall mounting Rainfinity and Pulsify showers, there is an additional innovative option: The rain shower can sit on the wall without a shower arm. If a wall connection is installed with it, it will be set to the optimum spray angle.

One spray type? Or would you rather have several?

hansgrohe has overhead showers with one, two or three different spray types. You can opt for PowderRain with its incomparably soft micro-droplets, Rain for an invigorating burst of freshness, RainAir for relaxing shower rain or the RainFlow gush spray. On some models, such as Raindance Select and Croma Select, you can intuitively switch between the spray types at the touch of the (Select) push button in the middle of the spray disc. Alternatively, you can change spray types via a hansgrohe thermostatic mixer.

hansgrohe technologies round off the rain shower

Enjoy the blissful comfort of using water responsibly. There is a choice of hansgrohe technologies depending on the overhead shower's design: AirPower enriches the water with air for plump, soft droplets, allowing all the fun of a shower but with less water. EcoSmart reduces water consumption by up to 40 percent compared to our standard products. This conserves resources and reduces costs. QuickClean makes it very easy to remove limescale deposits thanks to the flexible silicone nozzles. And FastDrain ensures the overhead shower can be quickly emptied after showering for a noticeably shorter dripping time.
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