hansgrohe overhead shower with XL rain shower.
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RainSelect thermostatic mixers

Control your showers intuitively, so they are a joy to use

The impressive central control unit with buttons for your overhead shower. RainSelect, with its slim silhouette of metal and glass, is built into the wall.

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From small and powerful to large and indulgent

Whether you’re working with a compact and contemporary space or a large and luxurious one, you’ll find a hansgrohe overhead shower to fulfill your needs. All our models have been carefully designed to act as a stylish focal point of any bathroom, while also offering the latest in innovation to help you enjoy your showers in an eco-friendly way.

Discerningly designed

The look of a showerhead is an important style decision: do you prefer a circle or a square shape? Modern and angular or classic and rounded? You can also choose your finish, from the classic chrome,  a white/chrome combination, or perhaps even with a hint of gold, as seen in the Raindance Classic. Our overhead showers in the Rainmaker Select range are another design hit, with a glass spray disc in either modern white or elegant black.

Installation options

When thinking about installation of an overhead shower, you should position it 20cm above the tallest person to use it. Then comes a choice of installations: you can have it installed on the wall with a shower arm, directly attached to the ceiling or even choose a spray disc that is installed to sit flush with the ceiling, so that the ceiling and shower form one seamless unit.

Set your spray

With our overhead showers, you can opt for one, two or even three different spray types. Choose Rain, for a burst of invigorating freshness. Or RainAir, which gives you a more relaxing shower of water. Finally, RainFlow is an all-encompassing gush, that feels like standing underneath a waterfall.

Both Raindance Select and Croma Select overhead showers feature an intuitive Select button in the centre of the spray disc, which allows you to switch between spray types with ease. Alternatively, select your spray type from the thermostatic mixer itself.

The technology behind our showers

At hansgrohe, we’re always innovating to make our products more luxurious, easier to use and more energy and water efficient. When you’re choosing your overhead shower, consider these hansgrohe innovations:

AirPower: this blends water with air at the shower disc, producing plump, soft droplets while using less water than a normal shower.

EcoSmart: this ingenious water-saving technology reduces water consumption by up to 60% compared with conventional products, saving both resources and money.

XXL Performance: Overhead showers with this feature a spray disc of up to 600mm in diameter. The evenly spaced-out spray nozzles guarantee that water is used efficiently, while also delivering a truly indulgent shower experience.

QuickClean: cleaning off limescale has never been easier, thanks to flexible silicone nozzles that allow you to remove limescale deposits with the wipe of a sponge.

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