Innovative use of water with three sprays

The Aquno Select M81: perfected for effortlessly easy workflows

A new era of kitchen taps is upon us with the Aquno Select M81: the tap line impresses with the most efficient use of water you have ever seen in the hansgrohe kitchen range: enjoy an optimum workflow at the sink while still using water conservatively. The ultimate in functionality and design define a new archetype for the kitchen.

Now vegetables can shower too: efficient use of water in the kitchen

Aquno Select M81: the multi-purpose kitchen tap.
The Aquno Select M81 cuts a fine figure and offers extra versatility thanks to its additional flat spray type.

Your fresh food fantasises about this blissful shower: not only is the wide spray of the Aquno Select M81 gentle on bruise-prone fruit and vegetables but these are also washed particularly efficiently when the tap is combined with the hansgrohe multi-function filter. Individual micro-fine spray make contact with the food at a shallow angle and rinse it in no time at all. The wide SatinFlow spray not only conserves resources with its optimised flow rate but also minimises splashing thanks to its ingenious position at the tap base, close to the basin.

No matter what’s happening in the sink, the shallow spray gives you an additional option alongside the clear laminar spray and the voluminous spray jet. With the Aquno Select M81, you can switch intuitively to the spray type you need on the hansgrohe sink. The three choices make the versatile tap an all-rounder for chores at the sink, while the combination of flat and curved features transform our flagship product into the new design archetype in the kitchen.

Ultimate design quality meets sustainability

Excellent design meets resource-saving quality in the Aquno Select M81: the sensationally flat jet is not only gentle but also uses water particularly efficiently with an optimised flow rate of 4 l/min no matter why it is needed: to clean food, rinse baking trays or simply wash your hands.

Multi-tasking at the sink: the choice is yours

Available in two different versions, the innovative Aquno Select M81 is synonymous with smart workflows at the sink.

The Aquno Select M81 with a high arc spout 

The striking high arc spout really stands out in kitchen settings and emphasises the synergy between angles and curves. The ability to switch the spray type on the pull-out spray enables water to be used flexibly. Simply switch between the laminar and spray jets using the lockable button or press the button on the tap’s base set to enable the flat, gentle vegetable shower. The monolithic design also features a single-lever handle on the side for turning the tap on and off and controlling the water’s temperature. 

Whether rinsing pots in the sink or filling a container next to it, the pull-out function with two spray types helps you work flexibly. When combined with the sBox, it is easy to pull out the hose, which is safely retracted and stored under the unit after use. The high arc spout boasts a radius that can be set to prevent it swivelling beyond the basin. 
Kitchen tap in a sleek, high-end kitchen.
Kitchen taps from the Aquno M81 range are the perfect choice for cool, linear, high-end kitchens that incorporate dark tones.

The Aquno Select M81 with an L-shaped spout

The kitchen tap with an L-shaped spout features a linear look. The angled outlet pipe highlights the precise lines of the overall design enabling harmonious combination with wall units, for example. The Aquno Select M81 with an L-shaped spout has a pull-out function with a laminar jet.

Switching this model to the flat SatinFlow spray is once again easy plus an sBox can be optionally added to provide the convenience of a larger working radius thanks to the 76 cm hose extension with secure storage under the sink.

Add exclusive design elements to the kitchen

High-end kitchens are a perfectly harmonised concert of all elements, especially when it comes to their bold look. The Aquno Select M81 comes with the choice of three exclusive finishes: elegant stainless steel, shiny chrome or sophisticated matt black. Add a highly functional yet eye-catching feature to your sink unit with the potential to become a trendsetter. 

Which is the best sink for the Aquno Select M81? 

We recommend combining taps from the new and exclusive Aquno Select M81 range with hansgrohe stainless steel or SilicaTec counter-top or under-mounted single-basin sinks – especially large ones, on which the taps look particularly striking. There are certain checks that need to be done if pairing these taps with a double-basin with or without a strainer bowl as there may be pre-drilled screw holes or markings for the kitchen tap. This sink model also requires a separator between the sink bowls.

No matter your choice of kitchen tap from this exciting new hansgrohe range, the Aquno Select M81 has been perfected for effortlessly easy workflows.

Reinterpreting our interaction with water

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