RainDrain Flex installed in Matt Black.


Do you want a modern bathroom where everything is coordinated? The high-quality RainDrain waste systems add the finishing touches to your dream bathroom and give it a spa vibe with exceptional comfort and seamless design. RainDrain is available in a broad range of models, various colours and several installation options. Make an aesthetic statement in the floor-level shower with RainDrain. View Products

RainDrain - high-quality waste system for all bathroom concepts

RainDrain offers you the chance to design your bathroom with floor-level shower precisely how you want it. Discover a broad range of drains for your style and your comfort and aesthetic requirements. Do you like the versatile RainDrain Flex or do you prefer the RainDrain Spot or RainDrain Brilliance point drains? Whether as a linear shower drain or a point drain, RainDrain is the perfect shower drainage solution for your bathroom concept, both in renovations and in newly built bathrooms. Make your design consistent: The colours of the waste system have been precisely tailored to the surface finishes of the corresponding hansgrohe taps and showers. Our siphons and drains perfectly complement drainage systems in the holistic bathroom.

A wide range that offers design freedom

RainDrain is a family of products that shares common design and installation values in all its models:   

  • Shower drains and floor drains are made in hansgrohe premium quality
  • High-quality siphon and waste technology always ensure safe shower drainage
  • hansgrohe FinishPlus surfaces are universally available. You are free to match your favourite colour with the matching RainDrain model
  • RainDrain: the easy-to-clean shower drain for long-lasting joy, regardless of the design

Which RainDrain solution is best for you? Learn more about the advantages of the different shapes and installation options in the section below.

RainDrain Match in the floor-level shower.
The broad range of hansgrohe RainDrain products offers the best shower drain for all floor-level showers.

RainDrain shower drains

Do you want everything from the overhead shower down to the floor drain in your shower to match? Check out the various drains from RainDrain:

  • RainDrain Flex is practical and offers a designer cover in seven surface finishes.
  • RainDrain Match is available in six surface finishes. The back can be tiled for consistent design (not recommended for glass models).
  • RainDrain Rock is available for stronger natural stone tiles.
  • RainDrain Minimalistic features an impressive minimalist design and is exclusively designed for installation flush with the wall.
  • RainDrain Compact is a renovation problem-solver. Available in six lengths, 60-120 cm, and can be installed by the wall or anywhere on the shower floor. The designer cover can be tiled on the back.
  • RainDrain Original with designer stainless-steel cover is the epitome of reliable drainage. It can be installed by the wall or anywhere on the shower floor.
  • RainDrain Allround, 70–120 cm, is a completely watertight solution that spans the entire width of the shower with a designer cover in stainless steel.
RainDrain Brilliance point drain.
RainDrain Brilliance premium point drain in a tasteful bathroom setting.

RainDrain point drains

Learn more about the choice of tasteful hansgrohe point drains. Choose the design best suited to your shower concept.

  • RainDrain Spot: point drain for installation anywhere in the space and maximum flexibility in positioning. Dimensions: 15x15 cm. Cover in Brushed or Textured Stainless Steel, can be tiled on the back.
  • RainDrain Brilliance: premium point drain for unique design. Rotatable designer panel in Brushed Stainless Steel and two sizes – 10x10 and 15x15 cm – can be tiled on the back. The height of the tiled frame can be changed (5–18 mm) to best adjust to the surrounding level.
  • RainDrain Point: universal design. Designer panel available in 10x10 or 15x15 cm in Brushed Stainless Steel or Matt Black, can be tiled on the back, also available as a stainless­steel grid. Very easy to adjust to the surrounding height.

All point drains come with a pre-assembled seal, hair catcher, and siphon.

Why use RainDrain?

Dreaming of a shower without tripping hazards? Make this dream come true with RainDrain and a floor-level shower. Here are a few reasons to use hansgrohe shower drains:

  • Bathroom look. RainDrain products have a timeless design. This turns them into a subtle eye-catcher and adds the stylish finishing touches down to the last detail in the shower.
  • Flexibility. A RainDrain shower drain can be placed almost anywhere in your floor-level shower area. Whether in a new build or renovation, this gives you freedom of design.
  • Room to move. Do you prefer the floor in the shower to look seamless? A RainDrain shower drain can be installed by or flush with the wall. 
  • Efficiency. RainDrain shower drains efficiently drain used water, even in spacious spa showers. After all, we have the perfect waste system for this in the Dryphon siphon.
  • Easy maintenance. RainDrain shower drains are easy to clean thanks to the easy-to-remove siphon and hair catcher. The high-quality stainless-steel drains are easy to maintain.  
  • Variable lengths. RainDrain models are available in lengths of 20 cm to up to two metres. Some models can be shortened or lengthened to suit the conditions.
  • Quality. Our RainDrain shower drains feature patented technology and premium hansgrohe brand quality.
  • Guarantee. We believe in our high-quality shower drains. We therefore offer a 5-year guarantee on all RainDrain products.
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