Innovative shower drain blocks odours

hansgrohe Dryphon: optimum hygiene and less cleaning throughout the year

hansgrohe shower drains and floor drains fitted with Dryphon technology dramatically reduce your need to clean: The high-performance bottle trap prevents hair and dirt from amassing in the drain and blocks odours from the sewer. You save so much time that you would otherwise have spent cleaning the invisible drain system.

How the innovative Dryphon technology works

The innovative hansgrohe Dryphon is a mechanical odour trap that allows the used water from the shower place to drain away at high speed. The drainage capacity of up to 60 l/min ensures that nothing accumulates in the pipes, and dirt and hair are efficiently flushed into the sewer. The Dryphon technology closes the opening immediately after the water is drained so that there is no open line to the sewer. This ensures the bathroom and floor-level shower remain free of bad odours. Unlike a standard odour trap with water, Dryphon uses a high-tech membrane in the RainDrain waste system and cannot dry out if left unused for long periods of time.

Dryphon effectively drains floor-level showers at a high speed and capacity
hansgrohe Dryphon waste system
Dryphon in the floor-level shower drains used water at a high speed and capacity.

Excellent performance for clean, odour-free drains

Dryphon technology in combination with the RainDrain waste system enables you to save time when cleaning in the bathroom, offers more comfort in the floor-level shower and creates a feel-good atmosphere in your dream bathroom.

  • Dryphon effectively blocks unpleasant odours. The odour trap works mechanically and cannot dry out, even if left unused for long periods of time, as the technology does not require water.
  • The extraordinary drainage capacity of up to 60 l/min can handle XXL indulgent showering from large overhead showers and exceeds standard values to prevent puddles from forming.
  • Dirt, soap suds and hair do not settle thanks to the high flow rate, which makes cleaning so much simpler and quicker.
  • Dryphon technology regulates pressure differences in the sewer, which may be caused by other consumers in the house, and blocks any gases produced here.

Dryphon drainage technology comes with RainDrain shower drains and floor drains as standard and can be used as an option. Existing RainDrain shower drains can be updated with a Dryphon upgrade set.

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