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Enjoy a grander rain shower

hansgrohe Raindance: A new level of comfort in the shower

A Raindance shower offers a more expansive shower experience. Every model features a large spray disc, for a cocoon of water that completely surrounds you. We call this our XXL Performance. And while the experience is always enveloping, there’s a variety of different spray types for you to enjoy, so you can enjoy your perfect rain shower.

Push button convenience with Raindance Select

With our Select technology, you can change the spray type with just the push of a button.  On the Raindance hand shower, this is built into the handle, while on the multi-jet overhead showers it’s found on the centre of the spray disc. Thanks to the purely mechanical nature of the button, you can be sure this is one indulgence that will last and last.

Rain from above with an overhead shower

The 240mm diameter Raindance Classic overhead shower comes in both chrome and a chrome/gold finish, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom. The square shape of the shower head seen in the Raindance E offers a subtle geometric accent, while if you want a variety of spray types, the Raindance Select is for you. To combine the two, choose the Raindance Select E 300 overhead shower - it delivers a range of different showering experiences, pampering you with rain showers that are sometimes invigorating (Rain), sometimes soothing (RainAir) and sometimes luxuriant (RainStream). The user-friendly Select push button at the centre of the spray disc allows you to switch between these with ease, and you can even have the option of an extra spray via the thermostatic valve.

Award-winning hand showers

A Raindance Select hand shower can pamper you with three spray types, which can be chosen using the Select push button. RainAir offers you a caressing water shower, while Rain will invigorate and Whirl gently massages. Each is available in 120mm or 150mm diameter, and with either a chrome or a white/chrome finish.

A shower system solution

By choosing a shower system, you can streamline the space, thanks to the combination of an overhead shower, hand shower and thermostatic valve. The Select button allows you to choose from up to five spray types between the two showers. Raindance shower systems are available in chrome, white/chrome and, with the Raindance E, with the addition of an elegant glass surface.

Water-saving technology

With AirPower, each Raindance shower is able to enrich the spray with air, creating soft beads of water that feel softer on your skin. But that’s not the only benefit - this also reduces water consumption, saving both water and money. With QuickClean, the shower is easy to clean - simply wiping a cloth over the silicon nozzles to remove the limescale. And for any stubborn marks, you only need to pop the spray disc in the dishwasher.

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PowderRain spray mode

Gentle and relaxing microfine droplets

We turn showering into pure relaxation. The innovative PowderRain spray mode envelops you in thousands of micro-fine droplets, delighting customers worldwide.

Showering becomes pure relaxation with hansgrohe PowderRain.
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