Thermostatic shower mixer in the bathroom.

Thermostatic shower mixer

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hansgrohe Select technology

Select your shower pleasure

The intuitive operating concept with the button: Change the jet type, activate a different shower or turn the water on and off in just one click.

Find the perfect hansgrohe thermostatic shower valve

Fully-featured, reliable and ultra-modern

The perfect water temperature is an important part of a truly relaxing shower experience, and reliability is key. hansgrohe thermostatic shower valves mean you can say goodbye to those annoying temperature fluctuations, and are available in a range of styles, from the simple to the ultra-modern. For extra ease of use, check out the control units featuring Select technology, which allows you to control water flow at the touch of a button.

Exposed or concealed?

Exposed installation: a hansgrohe mixer for exposed installation can be installed onto existing hot and cold water connections, in just a few simple steps. Lots of variants also benefit from a built-in shelf, offering ample space for toiletries, such as the ShowerTablet Select 300.
Concealed installation: in this space-saving version, the technology disappears behind the wall. It’s perfect for new builds or modernising work, and works well with an overhead shower. The ShowerSelect thermostatic shower valve, for instance, blends perfectly into the wall.

Control multiple water sources

Before choosing your shower system, it’s important to decide how many and what type of water source you’d like to control. For instance, would you like an overhead, a hand shower, or both? Do you prefer one or multiple types of sprays?

If you’re working with just one water source, an exposed thermostatic shower valve will suffice. If it’s two, you can opt for the ShowerTablet or ShowerTablet Select exposed installation versions.  If you have more than two water sources, a thermostatic shower valve installed beneath the plaster is required, such as the ShowerSelectShowerSelect Comfort or Ecostat models, which allow you to control between two and four water sources. Finally, the RainSelect thermostatic shower valve allows you to control up to five different sources, for the ultimate in showering flexibility.

Award-winning design 

The RainSelect thermostatic shower valve is the winner of the "Bathroom Design for All” award, and offers the ultimate mix of form and function. Large, 70 x 70 mm glass Select push buttons on the shower control unit can be pressed to switch between different spray types and water sources with ease, while the overall design is one of minimalist style. Discover more about the RainSelect.

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