Shower set from hansgrohe with working hand shower.
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Unica shower rails

Versatile products for your shower

Founder Hans Grohe invented this in 1953. These days, we have them in lots of variants and with convenient extra features: the Unica shower rail. Which one is right for you?

Find the perfect hansgrohe shower set

All-in-one solutions for your shower

The combination of a hand shower, shower rail and shower hose from hansgrohe gives you a convenient, customised and safe option for your shower or bath. Available in a range of styles, they blend seamlessly into any bathroom, and can be installed using existing fittings or wall connections quickly and simply. Almost all our hand showers are available as a shower set, so just pick your favourite and prepare to upgrade your bathroom.

Giving you greater flexibility

A shower rail from hansgrohe offers the utmost in versatility - the smooth slide means you can attach the shower head at any height and then adjust the inclination angle, to suit anyone who uses it. You can choose from rails of 0.65m or 0.9 m in length,  while the Unica E shower rail is available in a length of 1.5m.

Alternatively, go for something that suits those who need a bit of extra support - ideal if your bathroom needs to be multigenerational.  The Unica Comfort shower rail, which also functions as a grab bar (up to 200kg), is tested by experts to ensure it minimises the risk of slipping in the shower or bath.

Turn on the technology

hansgrohe showers feature a range of innovations, to enhance your shower experience. Many shower heads offer different spray types, which you can change with just the push of the Select button.
AirPower technology creates soft, plump droplets, while QuickClean lets you rub away limescale in seconds.
Finally, EcoSmart reduces water consumption, without impacting your indulgence.

Find your finish

There’s a style to suit everyone. Choose whether you prefer your shower head to be rounded or square, whether you want a built-in shelf or a sleek non-shelf look, as well as whether you want a chrome, white/chrome or perhaps even gold/chrome finish. The choice is entirely yours.

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