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hansgrohe Ecostat: a practical thermostatic valve solution

Hidden within an Ecostat thermostatic shower valve is the sophisticated technology to help you get more from your shower. Available with both an exposed or concealed installation, there’s something to suit every bathroom. If you’re looking for a straightforward upgrade, opt for an exposed installation, which can be installed onto existing connections. Alternatively, if you’d like to hide the Ecostat technology behind a wall, and are working on a new build or have an iBox universal connection, a concealed installation can be used. Whichever you choose, hansgrohe’s famous design, functionality and quality is guaranteed.

Exposed installation options

An Ecostat exposed thermostatic valve is both easy to install and attractive in design, making it a great choice for any project of a limited budget. Once installed, it offers continuous control of your water volume, temperature and pressure. The EcoStop button reduces the water consumption to just 10 l/min, while the 40° safety lock protects against scalding water. The ergonomic wing handles on the Ecostat Comfort and Ecostat 1001 CL make operation easy with soapy fingers, and the Ecostat Comfort Care features an extended lever which is ideal for users of all ages.

Concealed installation options

If you’re planning a new bathroom or renovating an old one, there’s a concealed valve shape for every taste. Choose from the rounded corners of the Ecostat E, the fully rounded Ecostat S or the square Ecostat. Each is simple to install onto an iBox universal, giving an uncluttered and streamlined look to your bathroom.

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