hansgrohe Select

Water at the touch of a button

hansgrohe Select is on hand to make your everyday routines simple, and your bathroom and kitchen easy to use by any member of the family. We’ve integrated push button technology into a variety of our products, so you can use our patented Select button to turn on your shower, change the spray type or even turn your kitchen tap on and off. With a hansgrohe Select product, you get something that is unbeatably intuitive, reliable and durable.

More fun with water

Indulgence at the touch of a button: on showers and taps, hansgrohe Select offers markedly greater convenience.

Everyone benefits from intuitive convenience, which is why we’ve integrated our Select technology into a range of hansgrohe kitchen and bathroom products.

Select technology can be found in:

Making water control easy and reliable

Select technology has been integrated into a range of hansgrohe products. The one thing they all share? They represent some of the simplest, most intuitive products for your home. Press the Select push button to switch between the different spray types on your overhead or hand shower. On thermostatic shower valves, start and stop your chosen shower. On basin taps, turn the water on and off at the touch of a button. Here, Select push buttons can even be pressed using the back of your hand or your elbow, making them easier for everyone, including anyone of limited mobility.

A helping hand