Stylish designed bathroom with elegant tap.
Achieving design cohesion

Find your design language and create a space with visual flow

While there are many styles of bathroom for you to choose from, each has at its roots a design language. It’s by keeping to this that you create cohesion - the hallmark of any professionally designed space. Modern, Avantgarde and Classic are three of the most common used in bathroom planning, each with its own trademark lines, shapes and ambience.

Contemporary design and technology for the modern bathroom

Another consideration is the architectural layout of the space you’re working with, since this spatial effect will influence the design theme you choose - afterall,  a open-plan Avantgarde bathroom will be difficult to create in a dark room with limited space. Here are a few things to consider when assessing the possibilities:

  • The shape of the floor plan and the ceiling height
  • The effects of daylight and artificial lighting
  • The choice and combination of materials
  • The colour scheme
  • The style and layout of any existing bathroom ceramics
  • The stylistic elements and functionality of the mixers and shower systems.

Explore the three design orientation, then exercise your own creativity - it’s by experimenting and playing with boundaries that you can create a space that’s personal to you. And once you’ve found your style, we make it easy to match the right hansgrohe mixers and showers for your space, for a cohesive and professional bathroom design:

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