Raw style

Embrace the rugged appeal of exposed concrete and unfinished wood

Industrial design has been an interior design trend for several decades, but in recent years, it’s moved from high class hotels and restaurants to the modern home. Materials like exposed concrete, unfinished wood and raw brick don’t just look contemporary and chic, with a touch of sealant they’re also extremely hard-wearing, making them perfect for the bathroom. Combined with ultra-modern touches, such as the floor mounted basin tap seen here, the result is a bathroom firmly on the chic side of industrial interior design.

Showering area with concrete.
The consistent use of exposed concrete gives the shower and bathroom the ambience of a spacious loft apartment. The rough concrete look forms an appealing contrast to chrome and glass.

Pairing concrete with contemporary convenience

One of the best things about brushed concrete is the soft sheen of the finish, giving it a subtle sense of comfort to this otherwise industrial material.  It’s this surprising duality that makes it so compelling. Similarly, adding one or two handcrafted touches also serves to soften the space, seen in the rustic woven mat and bath towels here. The contrast that the chrome taps and shower provides also adds a touch of luxury to this loft-style bathroom.

Surfaces that invite the touch

The industrial trend doesn’t start and end with concrete and masonry - any material that hints at a past life will fit the bill. While you might expect the overall look to be clinical and harsh, there’s a gentle sensuality to materials and textures that invite you to run a hand over them. Perhaps that’s why it’s a trend loved by design experts the world over.

If you’re not ready to commit to an entire bathroom of industrial chic, a wall decal can create a touch of this aesthetic for you to experiment with. There are plenty of photo-realistic wallpapers that mimic the look of concrete or exposed brick, giving you a chance to play with styles before you decide on something permanent.

Authentic bathroom ambience

Natural materials in the bathroom make you want to touch them, to feel them under your bare feet, and to experience their haptic qualities with your senses.

Bathroom trend: rugged Sisal mat in front of the bathtub.
Industrial and Minimalist

This interior style invites you to play with contrasts, adding soft touches to make your bathroom welcoming and warm

The perfect pairing:

The unfinished quality of industrial materials serves as the perfect backdrop to high quality chrome bathroom accessories. The key is to ensure that both the decor and the bathroom products speak a common design language. When choosing your taps and mixers, consider those with linear geometric design influences. That will keep the space contemporary, while also allowing you to make the most of the eco-friendly technology found within every hansgrohe product.

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