Retro bathroom with elegant furnishings

Vintage-style dream bathroom with fresh convenience and elegant details

This bathroom takes you off to bathing’s stylish past, while fulfilling today’s demands for comfort and wellness. The nostalgic clawfoot bath tub and the Victorian wash basin unit combine modern tap technology and hints of gold. For modern convenience, the shower is floor level and harmoniously integrated into the room with retro flair.

Vintage bathroom with modern bathroom technology.
Back in time with bathroom culture

Bathrooms with traditional elements and modern convenience

If you love the flair of the Belle Époque and beautiful pieces with a history, then take inspiration from this vintage bathroom. The bath tub and wash basin from this opulent era of bathing influence this retro style, which can be paired with traditionally decorated tiles. Individual furniture pieces made from rugged wood and elegant yet rustic natural stone slabs make stylish additions to the bathroom. In the shower, the exquisite wall painting adds a personal touch and its style is coordinated with the nostalgic taps. The shower curtain above the bath tub is also a charming blast from the past. As we can see, the modern world of single-lever taps and floor-level showers blends in seamlessly with historical style elements in this dream bathroom.

Charming modern taps for a stylish yet convenient bathroom

The elegantly curved taps in the hansgrohe Metropol Classic range are a masterful interpretation of the retro style that nevertheless remain timelessly modern. Subtle gold-effect details add a touch of luxury and make the free-standing bath tub and the nostalgic wash basin match. The floor-standing bath mixer elegantly rounds off the dainty style of the bath tub. In the spacious shower, the overhead shower from the Raindance Classic range and the shower set ensure personal comfort, which can be conveniently adjusted at any time on the space-saving concealed-installation tap. Splashes of gold once again represent an atmospheric journey back in time in the bathroom here.

Nostalgic charm

This bathroom takes you off to bathing’s stylish past, while fulfilling today’s demands for comfort and wellness. The nostalgic clawfoot bath tub and the Victorian wash basin unit combine modern tap technology and hints of gold. For modern convenience, the shower is floor level and harmoniously integrated into the room with retro flair.

Are you the sort of person who thinks everything was better in the old days? Do you love indulging in memories? Do you feel at home in an environment with a hint of nostalgia? Then it’s about time you incorporated vintage into your bathroom. Retro is charming, timeless and elegant, no matter whether you want to revive the flair of the 1950s or the elegance of the Victorian powder room. There is one golden rule when it comes to high-quality vintage furnishings: The look is old-fashioned, but the technology behind it is ultra-modern. So you don’t have to go without comfort and convenience on your sentimental journey.

Genuinely stylish bathroom design: retro from the bath tub to the wash basin

Transform your entire bathroom into a vintage dream. Or use retro elements as an effectively way to break away from the style of a modern room. Either way, you can get creative using a wide range of matching furnishings.

  • Ceramics have many corners and edges compared to modern models, all of which are softly rounded. Counter top wash bowls are smoothly curved. Built-in wash basins have large tap hole areas. Free-standing wash basins – or wash basins on a classic ceramic pedestal or with a sophisticated metal pedestal in oiled bronze – are genuinely eye-catching. Wonderfully old-fashioned, octagonal shapes exude nostalgic flair in hand basins. A highly retro element in toilets and bidets: They stand proudly on the floor, just as they did in the good old days.  
  • The look is reminiscent of a bygone era. But on the inside, you’ll find state-of-the-art sanitation technology: Antique-look taps cut no corners when it comes to quality. In terms of aesthetics, their beautiful curves, rings and elaborately embellished cylindrical shapes win people over. But their star handles stick to tradition. Vintage taps are either made of shiny chrome, copper or brass – brushed matt or high gloss. And they look ultra-stylish when paired with white ceramic details.
  • The free-standing bath tub is the centrepiece of the room. It embodies the luxury of the glorious periods of the past few centuries. Its opulent curves are just waiting to be shown off while it sits atop either a posh base or artistically made claw feet. The traditional tub is made of cast iron: white enamel on the inside, painted in white, black or colour on the outside. Dive in to a world of wonderful nostalgia here.  
  • All that remains is the good old shower. Modern walk-in showers with simple glass partitions aren’t that retro. But the comfort of entering them is a must, even in a vintage bathroom. Counteract the minimalism of the shower with an opulent tap with a nostalgic look, a large shower head, thick rail and old-fashioned brass shower hose. Round it off majestically with gold – brushed or high gloss. The only way to make this even better would be with white ceramic handles. But best of all: The models boast all the comfort of a modern shower system, including a rain shower.

Walls, flooring, accessories: How to round off your retro bathroom in style

You need the right surface finish to do the nostalgic furniture and retro-style accessories justice. 

  • There are wonderful vintage tiles for the walls, for example with a lily pattern. Understated tiles painted in a high-gloss white brick effect conjure up nostalgic flair. If you want a particularly cosy bathroom, you can get specialised wallpaper for wet rooms. Opt for charming stripes or an opulent floral pattern to make it feel like you’re in a traditional powder room. If you want to be totally authentic, consider cladding the lower third of the walls with wood panels painted in matt white.
  • Floor tiles in a vintage pattern combined with an understated wall design in white or subtle pastel colours emphasise the elegance of a traditional Victorian bathroom. Alternatively, elegant marble or hardwood flooring painted in white work well here. Black and white tiles in a chessboard pattern also give the flooring an authentic 1950s vibe. 
  • Last but not least, retro accessories belong in a vintage bathroom: divinely old-fashioned mirrors with floral embellishments, retro-style vases and candlesticks, a crystal chandelier on the ceiling. A nostalgic chair as an elegant one-off piece is a great place to drape your bath robe. 

Frequently asked questions about the retro bathroom

What counts as vintage furnishings?

Vintage pieces are available in all product categories, from taps to ceramics right through to toilets and bath tubs.

Will retro furnishings provide the comfort I’m used to?

Of course! High-quality retro bathroom furnishings look old-fashioned, but the technology is ultra-modern.

How do I design the walls in my retro bathroom? 

With tiles in vintage patterns or a white painted brick effect, vintage wallpaper or painted wood panels.

And the flooring? 

Floor tiles with vintage patterns, hardwood flooring and marble go well with the traditional Victorian style. Black and white tiles round off a 1950s look.

Which retro accessories work well in the bathroom?

Old-fashioned mirrors, vases, candlesticks, chandeliers and individual pieces of vintage furniture.

A nostalgic journey through time with modern and indulgent comfort

A retro bathroom exudes nostalgic charm and pampers you with a timeless and elegant ambiance. All while you enjoy the comfort of modern technology. No matter whether you choose to furnish the entire bathroom in a coherent style or want to add a hint of vintage, once you have furnished your bathroom, you will see that not everything was better in the good old days.

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