hansgrohe CoolStart

Save energy on water heating

On standard taps, the continuous flow heater or circulation pump starts up immediately when the handle is in the middle position, but that’s not needed if you only require cold water. On CoolStart taps from hansgrohe, only cold water flows initially, meaning your pipes aren’t filled with hot water unnecessarily. And if you do want hot water, just move the lever to the left for hot water to be added.

Save Energy with hansgrohe CoolStart.
In the middle position, taps with CoolStart only supply cold water. Hot water only flows when you turn the lever to the left.

Automatically reduce your water heating costs

In many cases, such as quickly washing your hands, hot water isn’t needed. On a standard tap, hot water is provided when the lever is in the middle position, but with hansgrohe CoolStart, hot water only flows when you decide, with the energy only used if you actively move the tap lever to the left. It’s up to you to decide how high the temperature needs to be, and it’s not possible to move the lever to the right. It’s a simple solution to reducing your household energy bills.

CoolStart is available on basin taps in these hansgrohe ranges:

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