hansgrohe XXL Performance

A lavish shower experience

Enjoy your shower on a whole new scale, with hansgrohe XXL Performance. Whether it’s a hand or overhead shower, you can choose a spray disc between 100 and 600mm in diameter, offering your a supersize rain shower experience which has more in common with a spa treatment than a home shower.

Impressive spray discs make for amazing showers

XXL Performance: Enhance your showering experience
XXL Performance: close your eyes and feel the benefits

The relaxation that comes from an enveloping shower spray is hard to beat, and by combining  the sheer scale of the spray disc with a range of spray types, you can create a private spa in your own home.
Discover the luxury of a Rainmaker Select or Raindance Rainmaker overhead shower, and let the stresses of the day wash away.
There’s no need to be concerned that XXL enjoyment comes at the expense of water or energy economy - our EcoSmart variants only consume 9 litres per minute. And with the innovative spray types like RainAir, you get maximum relaxation even at 9 litres per minute, thanks to the lush, air-enriched droplets created by our AirPower technology.

Find your ideal product with XXL Performance:

XXL Performance: larger than normal. Better than good.

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