The modern dream kitchen is a cosy place

An open-plan kitchen will make your home just perfect

Atmospheric design featuring ideas from the living area are taking hold in modern kitchens. Useful features merge within a cosy living space here. This then becomes a place for social gatherings and offers scope for personal style preferences. Warm materials and furniture with unique flair are currently on trend, while innovative technology makes this area of retreat complete.

An open-plan kitchen and living room.
Purism in the kitchen blends in beautifully with the clean lines of the interior design, which is underpinned by the coordinated colours. The wood flooring connects the areas perfectly. (Photo ©Leicht)

The open-plan kitchen combines areas for relaxing, indulging and preparing food

The trendy kitchen is a treat for all the senses: Natural surfaces provide a warm radiance and distinctive feel, while furniture design from the living area is visually refreshing. The current trend is towards interior design where comfortable seating is incorporated into a subtly colourful ambience. In the kitchen, this home furnishing trend is coupled with the high expectations of state-of-the-art functionality for workflows. Design accents can even be found around the sink. And why not? This is the very heart of the kitchen, after all!

The kitchen as an additional living room

Kitchens with sophisticated technology are being combined with authentic materials, which are also on trend right now. This includes unit fronts that put a new spin on metal with patina or use cement with trowel techniques. The dream kitchen combines trendy high-tech appliances with elegant furniture, such as cabinets or high-quality sideboards, which could also quite easily be found in the living room. Ingredients that create warmth, such as rugs, elegantly rustic wooden surfaces or a stone finish, are mixed to create the perfect recipe for household kitchens. 

Cooking is trendy – so an open-plan kitchen makes perfect sense

Attractive lighting and a visually discreet downdraft extractor fan allow the cooking island or open counter to blend in with the cosy ambience. hansgrohe kitchen taps really emphasise the exquisite design quality in this style of furnishing. As you may have noticed, the kitchen has evolved from a purely functional space into a cooking lounge, where food can be enjoyed and people can get together and socialise. This places greater demands on the design, which is reflected in the trend towards the open-plan kitchen living room.

Old and new in a cosy open-plan kitchen

The current trend is for kitchens with a warm fusion of old and new styles, which become the cosy hub of the home. Natural surface finishes are particularly popular.

Warm mix of styles shapes the open-plan kitchen’s design.
From elegantly rustic to a fusion of styles

Here you will find inspiration relating to modern open-plan kitchens

Modern kitchen tap for the open-plan kitchen living room.
Cooking and enjoyment is at the core of family life and social interaction. A clear design statement at the sink unit becomes a highlight in the very heart of the open-plan kitchen living room.

Modern taps complement the style in the kitchen

hansgrohe offers a selection of beautiful and functional kitchen taps and sinks, which are compatible with the unique home décor and fit in perfectly as minimalist kitchen assistants. Their design is elegantly discreet, without compromising on functionality. This is perfect for an interior design concept which views the kitchen more as a living space than a work area.

In a variety of natural shades, hansgrohe granite sinks help to fulfil the trend towards muted colours in the open-plan kitchen living room: The choice of shades – graphite black, stone grey and concrete grey – combines a warm and cosy look with high-quality design. A perfect match for the trendy surface finishes in the dream kitchen. The rectangular design blends in with any modern kitchen ambience, without the design being too imposing. As do the innovative sink combi units, whose ‘intrinsic values’ include a novel operating concept: The ergonomic handle on the rim of the sink makes it a lot easier to tackle chores.

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