Natural stone in the dream kitchen

Kitchens with character: granite is the material of the moment

Naturalness is the key to modern kitchens. So it’s only natural that granite worktops are on trend right now. Their elegant and upscale look are impressive both on kitchen counters and at the sink. Especially as the robust material can be perfectly matched with many styles.

Granite goes well with modern kitchen design.
Natural materials in the kitchen are on trend. Granite sinks and work surfaces add elegance to this bright and welcoming setting.

Granite makes a bold statement

The kitchen becomes more liveable and the desire to match it with exquisite details grows. Ultimately, the kitchen should be designed to suit personal taste and blend in harmoniously with the rest of the home. After all, the kitchen has long been more than just a place to cook. Elegant, upscale surfaces are therefore on the wish list of many wanting unique design. Granite’s versatile nature means it can be used to create coherent combinations or make bold contrasts. The strong material fits in with the design trend of natural materials and robust quality. What’s more, it’s easy to clean.

Consistent design with granite

You can set the right tone with granite sinks: The versatile and natural material goes well with wood, concrete-look finishes and exposed brick walls. It can also be paired with bright surfaces, making it a talented all-rounder and enabling the worktop to blend in with the colour coordinated kitchen sink. The natural look and feel of the surface are also advantages to a granite sink. This serene design language adds a sense of calm to the hub of the bustling kitchen.

Consistent look to create calm

The benefit of a granite sink: A choice of shades are available, so it can be matched perfectly with many looks. The velvety shine enhances the workspace.

Consistent design in the kitchen.

The design language of granite: hansgrohe sinks feature a winning formula of functionality and feel

Are you won over by consistent design in the kitchen? Check out our choice of functional and aesthetic sinks:

  • hansgrohe granite sinks are made of SilicaTec material and are available in various colours. The sinks feature a non-porous yet tough and durable surface.
  • Single or double sink? Surface-mounted installation or the under-mounted variant? With or without a draining board on the side? The robust material is pleasant to touch and allows for individual design freedom
  • The granite sink is also available as a sink combi unit with matching sink and tap and comes with the sBox for a tidy floor unit
  • The hansgrohe range also includes numerous sink mixers that can be tailored to personal taste and workflows. Various heights are also available so you have as much space as you need under the tap. We call this the ComfortZone


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