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The best compliment for your kitchen: minimalism through and through

Design requirements have to fit with all sorts of situations in modern kitchens. The Talis M54 range is sure to offer the ideal solution for your kitchen concept and create the perfect look. Choose a strikingly slender tap for the kitchen island or go for an option that best meets the needs of a kitchenette or a kitchen run with wall units.

A minimalistic kitchen tap in matt black.
The slender Talis M54 kitchen tap with its consistent design impresses with a trendy matt black finish and perfectly rounds off many kitchen concepts.

A highlight in the kitchen in every way    

Talis M54 enables you to draw upon a variety of models and functions – and enjoy uncompromisingly clean design every time. Whether you want a tap that fits under your wall unit, a model that turns heads on the kitchen island or a harmonious option for your brand-new single-wall kitchen, the broad range of Talis M54 products is sure to offer an ideal solution for all kitchen concepts and planned purchases.

Curved or linear, minimalism is key

The choice is yours: the consistent, minimalist design of the tap body with the flat, vertical handle comes in three basic shapes and comfort heights with a high arc, L-shaped or U-shaped spout. There is also a choice of three exclusive finishes – matt black, chrome or stainless steel – to perfectly match your kitchen’s style or deliberately create contrasts. The Talis M54 range offers a consistent design with all components colour-coordinated, even down to the spray hose.

The sBox can be optionally added to models with a pull-out spout or spray: the reliable hose guide in the base unit enables you to enjoy incredible flexibility and smooth workflows.
Kitchen tap with a high arc spout.
The Talis M54 with a high arc spout features a sublime, space-defining silhouette and outstanding functionality.The matt black finish makes it the highlight of the room.

Talis M54 as a prominent solution for kitchen islands

Make your kitchen tap the star of the show on the freestanding kitchen island with a sink: the Talis M54 in the elongated high arc design with ComfortZone height 210 is the ideal candidate for modern open-plan kitchens, which often share the same space as the living room. The slender silhouette is uncompromising, with no visual interruptions to the basic shape, an exclusive finish and a budget-friendly price. The ability to combine this model with a pull-out spray and sBox gives you an extended working radius for the spray hose, which is safely tucked away under the sink, to where it returns after every use. The laminar and spray sprays are easy to switch between for extra efficiency while the MagFit magnetic bracket provides added convenience. Alternatively, you can opt for the model with a swivel function.
Kitchen tap with pull-out function.
The Talis M54 with an L-shaped spout that can be pulled out to extend the working radius offers users plenty of freedom under wall units and is particularly flexible when combined with an sBox.

The amazingly compact Talis M54 with an L-shaped spout

The best solution for sinks under wall units: the adapted height makes the most of the space with a linear look. The model also offers plenty of flexibility with ComfortZone 270 and a horizontal pull-out spout with a laminar jet. MagFit retracts the hose simply and keeps it centrally positioned. The ergonomic use ensures the safe flow of water under the wall unit. The swivel mechanism can be set to various positions and adjusted to the size of the sink to prevent the tap from moving round too far. The practical sBox hose storage system is also available for the Talis M54 tap in the L-shaped design with a pull-out spout.
Kitchen sink tap for one-handed operation.
The minimalist design of the Talis M54 with its U-shaped spout is a real winner. The long, slim lever handle is ergonomic and saves space.

The Talis M54 with a U-shaped spout – established look, slender shape

The distinctive U-shaped design is suitable for scenarios with or without wall units. The spout with ComfortZone 220 is as flexible as it is variable, with the discreetly built-in jet former for the laminar spray. The swivel spout comes with an adjustable end stop to prevent the tap from accidentally moving beyond the sink area. This model is again available in the exclusive colours of matt black, chrome and stainless-steel finish PVD, with the tap’s components made to match.
Talis M54: give your kitchen the gift of a tap with bold charisma. The minimalist design adds a touch of elegance to any modern kitchen interior.

Minimalist design meets functionality

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