Graphic wall designs in the bathroom

Bathrooms in bloom: wallpaper ideas that create atmosphere

Tiles in the bathroom always work. But what about graphic design for the walls of your wellness oasis? Or brightly coloured designs to put you in a good mood in the morning? We show you modern functional and original ideas here.

White bath tub with a backdrop of black tiles and a floral motif
You don’t need a whole lot more thanks to this wall design: These striking peonies are the focus of this wellness area.

Bathroom wall design 101

Bright bathroom with colourful flowers
Fresh, light and fun: This floral idea brings good vibes into this room.

Wallpaper works really well in bathrooms, as it offers a cosy alternative to backsplashes. With the right design, it can become the focal point of the room. Give the material you use some thought before you go on the hunt for wallpaper. 

Why? Because conventional wallpaper made of paper or woodchip is not waterproof, so it’s pretty poor at withstanding moisture. When choosing a wallpaper, read up on the DIN EN 235 standard, which tells you how waterproof the respective design is. If you want to be completely sure, choose the highest protection category, ‘abrasion resistant’. 

Suitable materials:

  • Fleece wallpaper: available in a wide array of designs. From stone- or 3D-look to graphic motifs right through to photography, anything is possible. Fleece wallpaper is breathable and regulates humidity, so it can be used in all areas that do not come into direct contact with water.
  • Fibreglass wallpaper: available in various colours and with atmospheric designs. It is totally shock-resistant and tear-resistant with high tensile strength. It can even be used in the shower area. 

Excellent workmanship is important in wallpaper hung in bathrooms. The edges need to be glued together seamlessly so that moisture cannot build up beneath it. 

If you absolutely insist on luxury, you can also paint over some wallpaper designs using suitable paint. How well this works will depend on the composition of materials in the wallpaper and the protective paint you use. Depending on the wallpaper in question, applying paint may result in unexpected colour changes. Please contact an expert for advice to avoid any surprises here.

Show character in the bathroom

Do you have a playful personality? Do you have an excellent awareness of form? Or do you like things linear? Add your own personal touch to the interior design with wallpaper. This can make this rather functional area of your home so much cosier with very little effort.

The choice of materials, colours and designs is huge! So here are our examples for inspiration:

  • Flora and fauna: True-to-life depictions of plants and animals will bring nature and vitality into your bathroom
  • Graphic motifs: They are eye-catching in minimalist bathrooms and exude exclusivity and style
  • Colour combinations: Use wallpaper to further amplify the effects of the furnishings. One example are models in a natural look that emphasise the calming vibe when paired with many wood elements. 
  • A mix of materials: If done carefully, mixing different materials can create drama in the room: Design the bottom part of your walls with modest tiles or decorative plaster, and hang wallpaper in the top part as the highlight of the wall design.
  • Photo wallpaper: Create a unique atmosphere and an overarching theme for your interior design with panoramic shots of nature or extreme close-ups. Transform your own photos for a vivid way to remember amazing moments. 

When it comes to wall design, you have so much freedom to do what you want and play with colours and shapes. If you make sure you are using the right materials, it paves the way for very special bathroom design. 

Frequently asked questions about bathroom design with wallpaper

Which wallpaper is suitable for bathrooms?

Fleece and fibreglass models are particularly suitable for bathrooms. They can withstand various levels of humidity and moisture and keep their shape.

Can you get wallpaper designed for use in the shower area?

Fibreglass wallpaper is suitable for wet areas, including showers and around the wash basin. If applied correctly, it will repel water.

Can I use paper-based wallpaper in the bathroom?

Yes. It can be used in areas very far away from sources of moisture. Alternatively, you could get a specialist to treat it with a coat of protective paint.

Which wallpapers work well in minimalist bathrooms?

Use graphic motifs or wallpaper in one colour as design elements in the shower area or on the wall behind the wash basin.

Which wallpaper ideas can be used in themed bathrooms?

Examples include floral motifs or photo wallpaper with extreme close-ups or panoramic shots of natural scenes.

The courage to pick patterns and colour

They bring cosy flair to the bathroom. When choosing which wallpaper to buy, make sure the material can withstand humidity and moisture

It is best to seek advice from a specialist here. Give your creativity free reign: There is an appropriate idea and appropriate design for whichever ambiance you want to create.

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