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Renovating bathrooms: ideas for a successful makeover

Bath tub in front of a plastered wall and indoor plant
The wall with its rough texture is water resistant and a great alternative to tiles. Matched with the stones and indoor plant, it creates a harmonious look.

Formulate the renovation concept for your new feel-good place

Do you want your bathroom to shine like new? Are you looking for renovation ideas? It’s time to formulate a plan. Use our suggestions to conjure up a vision of your very own feel-good oasis. We can show you how to coordinate exclusive materials, exciting surface finishes and timeless design elements to create a bathroom design for feel-good moments.

Down with tiles: fresh ideas for bathroom renovations

Wet rooms are traditionally tiled to keep moisture under control. But these days bathrooms are more than just functional rooms with a wash basin and shower. As such, there is now a variety of alternatives to traditional tiled walls.

Water-resistant materials that emphasise the bathroom’s flair are great for the walls:

  • Plastered walls for industrial charm: Various plastering techniques can be used to add texture to the walls. Breathable plaster absorbs moisture and reduces the risk of mould growth. Lime plaster can even be used in the wet zone.
  • Wallpaper for a cosy atmosphere: Patterns, colours or photos can be incorporated into the bathroom’s design with wallpaper. When choosing the wallpaper, look out for the symbol indicating water resistance information as per DIN EN 235. In bathrooms, you should choose wallpaper with the highest level, i.e. ‘abrasion-resistant’. Fibreglass wallpaper, fleece wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper are often the best choices here.
  • Slat wall panels for a sauna vibe: Walls made of wood slats create a rustic, Scandinavian hygge feel. Matched with exposed concrete or plastered walls in one colour will give it a modern touch.
Wash basin with shelf in front of smooth, blue wall
Smooth, dark blue walls and warm wood tones: The different surface textures form fascinating contrasts.
When renovating bathrooms, the flooring is usually also replaced. You can go without tiles here, too. Here are your options:
  • Stone: Stone flooring has a bold character. Its texture can add variety to minimalist bathrooms. Matching it with wood emphasises the natural charm of the space.
  • Wood: With its texture and colour, flooring made of wood brings cosy warmth to the bathroom. It’s even nice to walk on it barefoot. Locally sourced woods, such as oak, pine and larch, are recommended, as are wood varieties that naturally retain their moisture, as they will absorb less moisture from their surroundings. Wood flooring should be coated.
  • Vinyl: This material is moisture-resistant and comes in a wide array of patterns and colours. Choose vinyl flooring if you still want a tiled look but like to walk around barefoot. Designer vinyl can also authentically reproduce wood and stone. 
  • Cork: With the right waterproofing and all-over adhesive, even this natural material has its place in the bathroom. Cork is a sustainable, sound-insulating and flexible material. When used as flooring, it will give your bathroom a natural feel.

Sustainable ideas for long-lasting design

If you want to fundamentally redesign your bathroom in a renovation project, you should choose functional and beautiful high-quality elements to underpin the effect and atmosphere of the room. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Taps: Traditionally beautiful in gold, silver or copper or modern and minimalistic in matt black – get matching taps for your bath tub and wash basin.
  • Bathroom cabinets and shelves: Choose glass or metal to underpin minimalist design. Solid-wood elements can emphasise a bathroom’s warmth.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget about details such as grab bars, soap dishes or roll holders. For a coordinated design experience, they should fit in with the bathroom’s overall look.

Make your new bathroom shine

Wooden wash basin unit and black tap
The combination of warm wood and a fresh wall design in silver grey looks down-to-earth and natural. A clean tap design can form a fascinating contrast here.

New flooring, walls with a nice design, amazing furniture and choice accessories create a cosy atmosphere perfect for relaxing and whiling away your time in the bathroom. The only thing missing is the right lighting for indulgent moments in the bath tub, your night-time beauty regime or a boost of freshness during your morning shower.

A sophisticated lighting concept is needed here: With a combination of several lighting elements, you can create the perfect atmospheric lighting for any situation. Revamping your bathroom is also the perfect time to do things like install spotlights in the ceiling and wall without lots of extra work.

Frequently asked questions about finding inspiration when renovating your bathroom

Which materials are suitable for bathroom flooring?

Vinyl, wood, natural stone or cork – so many materials can be waterproofed with the right treatment. What a way to dramatically enhance the bathroom.

What are the alternatives to wall tiles?

Wallpaper, wooden slats, plaster – all these materials can be waterproofed to add some much-needed character to bathrooms.

What do I need to be aware of when installing new bathroom lights?

Bathroom renovations are the perfect time to incorporate new lighting. Why not come up with a lighting concept for various moods?

How do I use design elements effectively?

A timeless tap, a rain shower as the main head-turner or a backlit mirror can round off your new bathroom and give it character. These are just some of the ways you could use functional elements, such as the bath tub tap, to enhance the interior design.

What do I need to be aware of when implementing my ideas?

First, come up with a plan that will bring various bathroom renovation ideas together. Then check that all elements go well together and have a harmonious look. Once this is done, you can put it all into practice.

New ideas for your old bathroom: Create your wellness experience

Materials, colours, furniture and accessories: Gather all your ideas before starting the renovation. Coordinate the elements and you will have a harmonious concept for your very own feel-good oasis.

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