Beautiful and often practical

Decorative kitchen wall elements: so stylish, so functional, so many options

Shopping list on the wall with herbs in front of it.
An entire wall for your shopping list: Update your stock levels on a daily basis. The shelves look like they are straight out of a workshop and provide plenty of room for herbs.

Nobody needs bare kitchen walls

Walls are easily overlooked. They are an accessory, a background with a neutral finish, a backdrop for the cooker and worktop. But any room without an embellishment on these surfaces is stylistically incomplete. When it comes to decorating walls, the same rule as always applies: Less is more. Choose what you like. A break in style can breathe life into a room. Designer hanging vases with flowers or macramé plant pot holders look striking in a cool high-tech kitchen – and your guests are sure to notice them. If you can create a green contrast, then it’s all the more impressive: a complete living wall full of plants as a vertical garden.


Artistically decorative: The kitchen wall as a gallery 

Pictures are amazing wall decorations, especially in the kitchen. Fine art photography behind high-gloss acrylic is a highlight in itself. Intense colours really come into their own here. Having said this, black and white images also look bold behind acrylic glass. Do you like monumental images? Go for photo wallpaper. If you would rather have regular changes of scenery on your walls, digital picture frames would be perfect. After all, they’re not just great for window sills and now come in large-scale formats of up to 55 inches. The high-tech screens present whatever you can find by Wi-Fi – from famous old paintings right through to the latest family photos – all via remote control and in HD quality.

Very powerful: writing’s on the wall

Of course you can hang pictures on your walls. But you are also allowed to write on them. Large-format statements look great on kitchen walls. Many manufacturers can make customised lettering, so your motto can be perfectly personalised with no effort at all. When it comes to the design, you have the choice between flat wall tattoos or three-dimensional letters made of metal, wood or acrylic. Writing made of neon LEDs looks very high-quality. There are very few limits when it comes to your design statement here. And while we’re on the subject of writing: You can keep a note of what’s on your mind on a large chalkboard or chalkboard wall.

Neon writing looks good in any room.
Effective wall lighting: Flamboyant neon sign with metal comic elements in front of a rough white brick wall.

Beautiful can also be functional

Best-case scenario: Not only is the piece decorative, but it is also practical. This applies both to the furnishings and the wall design. Functional and fitting, it will inspire your culinary skills and impress your guests: 

  • A clock should feature in every kitchen. Back along, there was only one traditional wall model: It was round and it ticked. Nowadays, not only are modern timepieces usually silent, but they also make design statements. Some models don’t even need numbers or a dial. 180 x 180 cm formats are just as common as multiple time zones with customisable city names. No matter your style, there is something out there for you.  
  • Unusual wall shelves are a stylish storage space and functional decoration in one. Showcase crockery and glasses or present your exclusive vinegars, oils and spices as decorative items. A practical added extra: Everything is conveniently within reach when cooking.

  • Large magnetic boards are extremely practical and look good. They are made of glass with a magnetic steel or stainless-steel plate on the back – an elegant classic. Raw steel straight from the mill is an impressive and rugged alternative. 

  • Music is a must. What was once a portable radio has transformed into stylish wireless and Bluetooth speaker, which can be mounted or hung on walls. You can now also get luxury wall-mounted loudspeakers in the form of three-dimensional graphic patterns, which make you feel elated when cooking and are a strikingly decorative piece on the wall. 

  • Wine racks don’t just belong in the cellar – they are a good fit for the kitchen, too. Especially on the wall. They are available with curved side panels, for example, which seem like they are climbing the wall. Or as intricate boxes in various sizes and colours. A bold version: A sleek stainless steel bar that makes the bottles look like they are floating on the wall, giving everyone a clear view of the labels at all times. Beautiful and functional.

Interior design and decoration: The kitchen wall becomes a design space

Wall designs make a major contribution to a room’s look. A space’s design is effective thanks to its finish and decorative elements. So you should pay close attention to wall design. Happily, there are so many options to choose from. Not only is wall décor stylish, but it is also very practical.

Frequently asked questions about wall décor for the kitchen

How can I incorporate plants into the wall design?

In designer vases that you hang up or macramé plant pot holders, for example. If you want even more nature, why not transform a wall into a vertical kitchen garden.

Are there alternatives to traditional framed pictures for decorating walls?

Photos in colour or black and white behind acrylic glass can look intense, photo wallpaper monumental. Digital picture frames provide variation.

How can lettering be turned into wall decoration?

Pretty well – especially on a large scale. They come as wall tattoos and in three-dimensional formats. You can also have customised lettering. 

Can you get wall décor in the kitchen that fulfils a function?

Clocks and shelving are traditional, functional furnishing items that are now so decorative that they can also be used as design elements.

What other beautiful and practical things are there?

There are luxury wall-mounted loudspeakers that bring music into your home as a decorative work of art or wine racks that you can use to organise an entire wall.
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