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The green bathroom: How to renovate and build in an environmentally friendly way

Is sustainability a key factor in your refurbishment or building works? Excellent! When rethinking your bathroom, you can now find an environmentally friendly (or friendlier) version for almost all furnishing elements and building materials. This guide provides information on the green bathroom, contains expert advice on the healthy home environment and features many decision-making tools. Simply fill out and send off the form to receive the free guide as a whitepaper via e-mail.


Your guide to the sustainable and environmentally friendly bathroom

Economical Pulsify hand shower from hansgrohe.
Small steps that make a big difference: By swapping water guzzlers for resource-saving products, you can save water for care-free feel-good moments.

The aspects that you really think through before making your purchase will reduce your ecological footprint in the long term – and benefit your family’s health. Whether you just want to change little things or totally rebuild your bathroom, the hansgrohe whitepaper The green bathroom will guide you through all the planning and implementation stages. The topics in the whitepaper include:

  • Eco-friendly bathroom furnishings, child-friendly products
  • A healthy home environment and excellent indoor air quality
  • State funding in Germany for the green bathroom
  • Resource conservation and systematic recycling 
  • The independent ecological seals of approval you can rely on
  • Feel-good healthy light in the bathroom... and so much more.
“Durability is by far the most important factor from an ecological perspective. Wash basins and bath tubs with a long service life make up for a few elements relating to the material that may not be absolutely perfect.”
Barbara Bauer from the Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology in Vienna, 2021.
Barbara Bauer from the IBO in Vienna, an expert in the ecological home.
Barbara Bauer has been examining and offering advice and training on eco-friendly construction and healthy environments for many years.

Expert interview: Building with a healthy home environment in mind

Barbara Bauer is a recognised expert in sustainable building materials, building evaluations and indoor air quality. She has been working at the Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (Österreichisches Institut für Baubiologie und -ökologie, IBO) since 1995. She is also a member of the Board at the NGO natureplus. Bauer has provided valuable tips on low-emission materials, mould problems and the longevity of products for the hansgrohe whitepaper.
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