Understated elegance

Create visual interest with a variety of textures and forms

This bathroom is unmistakably high end, notably through the restraint shown in each design decision. The palette is sophisticated, and the accessories well chosen. But it’s through the clever use of space in creating a dedicated spa area that takes this bathroom to another level of interior design.

Wellness spa area for premium bathrooms.
A refined use of water and space

Ergonomic functionality combined with first class design

A home with modern architecture gives you the opportunity to design a modernist bathroom to match. Here, expectations are subverted, with steps leading up to an elevated bath and a wet room-style shower offering a modern version of the traditional bath and shower space. Wall mounted alcoves are used throughout, to provide an attractive way of displaying toiletries and other bathroom necessities. The chrome of the taps is echoed in the lighting, which is, in turn, set off by the rich grey used throughout the space. The result is a calming space that makes use of the very latest design trends.

Innovative technologies and ergonomic comfort

The innovative design of the hansgrohe Talis taps offers supreme usability, as well as a sustainable and responsible use of resources. At the basin, the taps are controlled by intuitive hansgrohe Select technology, for use with just the press of a button. In the shower, the elegant shape of the Rainmaker Select shower system offers similarly intuitive functionality, as well as a large overhead shower for true water indulgence.
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