Luxe modern glamour

Adopt a masculine approach to glamour for this bold look

Everything about this bathroom is bold, from the colour choice to the design accessories. Despite this, the overall look is cohesive, largely thanks to the generous use of white and the elegant chrome added by the mixers and taps. Both help the overall aesthetic from becoming too over the top, instead giving it an unusual and confident interior look.

Glamorous bathroom with creative design and noble taps.
A new take on luxury

Consider decadent accents and interesting textures

Are you looking for a bathroom that will stand out against the rest? Featuring strong colours, interesting textures and contemporary design, it’s an alternative approach to traditional luxury. The vibrant ochre of the walls can be seen both behind the sink and in the subtly textured wallpaper to the side, while the unusual design accents, such as the horned wall lamp and the clear side table, add further character. The chrome from the taps and mixers is also echoed in the lamp and toilet roll holder, helping to create a cohesive narrative to the space.

Technology-filled taps

The finely crafted design of the Talis range adds natural elegance to this glamorous bathroom, as well as featuring technology to help you make the most of it. The sink taps use innovative Select technology, which allows you to control them with just the touch of a button, and the Croma Showerpipe hides further engineering to help you enjoy water in an environmentally responsible way.
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