Modern Mediterranean

Mix pastels and metallics for a modern Mediterranean look

The interplay between pastel colours, metallic materials and warm wood creates a very modern interpretation of Mediterranean design. The natural feel of the colours combines with the classic shape of the taps and mixers, bringing together both the organic and the refined. This is a space for luxuriating in, for dreaming of your favourite Mediterranean escape.

Bathroom with bronze bathtub and pastel colour.
Small on space, big on creativity

Use light colours and unusual design to maximise space

Do you love the unusual, but are dealing with a bathroom layout low on space? The mix of natural furnishings and unusual design elements in this bathroom makes the most of the space available, creating something unforgettable. The pastel shades of the walls, from light grey to delicate blush, enhance the natural light, summoning the impression of a chic Mediterranean apartment.

By keeping things neutral, the bold accents of bronze and gold really shine, creating warm contrast behind the sink and in the alcoves by the standalone bath.

Innovative technology, modern mixers

A muted colour scheme makes the free-standing bath and wet room-style shower really draw the eye. The modern mixers from the Metris range give this bathroom further character, and the chrome reflects the unusual colours used throughout. Inside the mixers, innovative technologies help you to use water responsibly.

Mixers for a modern Mediterranean bathroom

In a bathroom featuring unusual design, modern mixers and taps add chrome accents, offering the ultimate in water indulgence.

Fancy dream bathroom with bronze bathtub.
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