A bathroom without borders

Discover the simplicity of transparent design

Do you find peace in an uncluttered space, where neutral colours blend seamlessly, and light flows through the room? The trend for transparency is becoming just as popular in the bathroom as the rest of the home. Here, obstacles are minimised, and glass is used where possible to create an open space with little to delineate. The result is a calm and tranquil bathroom, where you can truly relax.

Light-flooded, open bathroom with shower.
The Rainmaker overhead shower with its glass spray disc and the ShowerTablet Select, in the same design language, are seamlessly integrated into this open-plan bathroom.

An invitingly open shower design

The modern shower has moved away from a cramped cubicle towards a more spa-like experience, which centres on a wet room-style shower. There is no cubicle, but instead, a floor-level drain and a glass splash guard, which opens up the room visually. This is echoed in the floor-to-ceiling windows, which help to create a bathroom that feels more like a living space.

Simplicity and space

Larger shower area offers space for two, as well as plenty of opportunity to step in and out from under the spray, for true freedom and movement. Muted tones and natural materials help to blend the boundaries between inside and out, making the most of the flood of light that is a hallmark of this trend.

Design clarity, total tranquility

With the world moving ever faster, we are increasingly looking to our homes to provide that much needed respite. It’s a trend highlighted by Andreas Diefenbach, Design Manager for Phoenix Design, who says of modern bathroom design “This is becoming a more personalised space and, notably, more tranquil”. Part of this is ensuring that nothing conflicts with the surroundings, which is why it’s important that every element uses a common material where possible, including things like shelves and shower spray discs.

Crystal clear

In an open room, you can quickly feel the relaxing and rejuvenating benefits of transparent design.

Bright bathroom design with transparent effect.

The beauty of glass and water

Glass and water are key elements of the transparent open-plan bathroom, and the design language of hansgrohe products make them the perfect choice. The glass on the Rainmaker Select overhead shower and the shelf on the ShowerTablet Select seamlessly integrates them into the room. Plus, hansgrohe taps in the Modern style - such as Metris, Talis and Focus - further complement any room adopting the transparent trend in bathroom design.

“Glass and water are the best of friends. Glass, just like water, is something that is universal and also universally understood.”
Andreas Diefenbach, Design Manager at Phoenix Design
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