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Make the switch to a RainSelect shower

Get the shower experience you dream of at the touch of a button, with the RainSelect shower from hansgrohe. Whether it’s an overhead or a hand shower, you can switch intuitively between  spray types using the buttons, then use the central control unit to set your perfect temperature and water volume. With a glass and metal finish, a RainSelect shower is also as attractive as it is innovative.

Shower control for a spacious overhead shower: hansgrohe RainSelect.
A central control unit allows you to select the jet type for your overhead shower quickly and intuitively.

Streamline your shower with one central control unit

The combination of glass and metal make the large buttons of the RainSelect shower unit both attractive and functional. Thanks to its low installation height, it blends in seamlessly with your wall, creating a sleek finish to your bathroom. It’s perfectly matched to the Rainmaker Select overhead shower, thanks to the linear design they share and coordinating materials used in each.

Designed for convenience

We all have our shower preferences, from water temperature to spray type. The RainSelect shower allows you to quickly and simply tailor your shower experience, thanks to the large buttons and rotary controls

  • The 70x70mm buttons are intuitive and clear, allowing you to control the water volume and temperature, using the metal ergonomic pin handles.
  • The Select buttons offer a convenient way of tailoring the jet type of your overhead or hand shower, while the built-in temperature control means you’ll be comfortable in that respect, too.
  • The hand shower is within easy reach of the FixFit metal shower support, and comes with built-in hose connection.
  • There’s a range of finishes to choose from with the Rainmaker Select overhead showers and taps in the PuraVida range, including white/chrome, black/chrome and pure chrome.
  • The clean design of RainSelect maintains a minimalist and uncluttered look for the bathroom, and is also available as a bath mixer.
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