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Tap and wash basin, perfectly coordinated

Is there enough space between the wash basin and tap? When paired, do the two products work so well together that there is little to no splash during hand washing? In essence: Is the tap a good fit for the ceramics? hansgrohe ExcellentFit provides the answers to these questions and helps you to find your very own dream combination of tap and wash basin tailored to your requirements and needs.

Find the perfect combination of tap and ceramics

Man washes brush using hansgrohe Metropol tap
hansgrohe ExcellentFit: for your perfect combination of tap and ceramics.

The market for wash basins is huge, as is the market for taps. So there is a wide range of combination options for these two products. hansgrohe ExcellentFit is here to help you make the right decision for your perfect combination. It is the result of the ComfortZone tests from hansgrohe: Our experts at the Technical Service Centre have tested lots of potential tap and ceramics combinations for their functionality and published their recommendations. To spare you the arduous and time-consuming work of doing the comparisons yourself and to allow you to easily and intuitively find your dream combination of wash basin and tap within just a few minutes.

The hansgrohe ComfortZone test has been around since 2011, and we have been continuously improving and updating it ever since. It has been established for years, is a core component of our consultations and service, and reliably helps to avoid mistakes when choosing a wash basin and/or tap.

And because we want everything to feel good in your bathroom, we even look beyond our own wash basins: We not only test our taps with our own wash basins, but also with the ceramics of other leading manufacturers.

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Bringing together elements that belong together: taps and ceramics from hansgrohe

Our hansgrohe taps tested with ceramics from different manufacturers

Perfect proportions & functionality: the key to the dream combination

The most important factors for a successful tap and wash basin combination are their proportions and functionality:

The proportions, in other words the size ratio between the tap and ceramics, are crucial in determining the comfort of the two products combined. So, for example, whether the distance between the tap and wash basin is suitable.

The functionality describes to what extent the chosen combination of wash basin and tap is suitable for different uses. Functional examples include washing hair or filling a 35 cm tall vase. Are the attributes a good match for the requirements? For example, are the flow rate and the outlet angle of the tap attuned to the shape of the inner basin? Or does the water splash over the rim of the wash basin?

Our tip for you: The proportions need to be perfect to guarantee the functionality you require.

Man washes his hands under hansgrohe Metropol tap
Water shouldn’t miss the mark, especially when washing hands in smaller wash basins. hansgrohe ExcellentFit helps to prevent unwanted splashing.

Effortlessly discover which tap is suitable for your wash basin with the ComfortZone combination test from hansgrohe. In case you have not yet chosen the perfect tap and ceramics pairing, the test results provide information on combination options. The experts from our premium brand conduct this work in compliance with standard specifications to ensure the test results are accurate.

It can be particularly challenging to choose the right wash basin and tap for the small hand basins usually featured in guest bathrooms. It is particularly important that the tap and wash basin are compatible, as these small wash basins often cause water to splash everywhere.

Correct installation by an expert is a key factor in the functionality of the wash basin combination.

hansgrohe ComfortZone: not one test, but three

The hansgrohe ComfortZone test closely examines tap and wash basin combinations. In practice, the test is run in three phases. The captions under the photos explain what exactly each individual test entails.

Draw insights from our wealth of knowledge when you plan bathrooms: A variety of possible tap and wash basin combinations have been tested at the hansgrohe Technical Service Centre. The extensive functional tests check the free space at the wash place, the splash behaviour, and other important elements.

So you’ve found the perfect combination – what’s next?

Once you have consulted the hansgrohe test tables to pick a functioning duo, please take your dream combination to your specialist partner, who will be able to assess whether this combination suits the on-site spatial and technical prerequisites. After all, there's no point in having the nicest combination if the space restrictions, connections or water pressure at the chosen installation location are inadequate. All these aspects have to be just right to ensure that installation goes without a hitch.

Frequently asked questions about the tap and wash basin combination

Who can assist you further if you still have unanswered questions about the right choice of tap and wash basin?

Although we test many combinations, it may be the case that your wash basin is not (yet) in our database. If this is the case, we recommend visiting your local specialist and asking for advice. Click here to find a dealer near you.

Why is the distance between the spout and wash basin so important?

It determines how comfortable and versatile your wash basin combination is to use on a daily basis.

How do I know what the correct height distance between a wall-mounted tap and its wash basin should be?

For wall-mounted taps, you are usually free to choose the spout height. On average, there is usually a 10 to 15 cm space between the tap’s spout and the top edge of the wash basin. This information may, of course, vary depending on the product. So please always refer to your tap’s installation manual for the correct measurements. The ComfortZone test should clarify whether this height is sufficient for the ComfortZone and will not cause unwanted splashing.

At which height should wall-mounted taps be affixed?

Concealed taps for the wall can be affixed up to 15 cm above the wash basin. This way, the water does not have far to fall and will not splash everywhere, and larger containers can be effortlessly placed under the tap. Please refer to the test tables for more detailed measurement information.

What should a tap’s projection be?

The projection is the distance between the spout and the centre of the tap. This measurement is important for a functional wash basin and tap combination. The required projection is usually defined based on the size of your wash basin. The rule of thumb is: The bigger your wash basin, the bigger the projection should be.

Why does hansgrohe offer the ComfortZone test for taps and ceramics?

The experienced hansgrohe experts have designed the test to provide in-depth recommendations for combinations consisting of wash basins and taps. Because the better the combination of tap and ceramics works, the higher the customer satisfaction and therefore lower the number of complaints.
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