hansgrohe ComfortZone

Extra elbow room at the wash basin

Plenty of space to move, maximum usability and less splashing at the wash basin: the hansgrohe ComfortZone ensures you get it all, by clearly showing how much space you have between the tap spout and the wash basin. With the ComfortZone, it’s easy to find the right tap for you, whether you’re looking for something that makes it easy to wash your hands, wash your hair or fill up tall pots.

What is the hansgrohe ComfortZone?

The hansgrohe ComfortZone offers basin taps in three different heights.
The hansgrohe ComfortZone means: different tap heights and spout lengths, appropriate to your own individual usage requirements.

hansgrohe offers taps in a wide range of different heights. The number of millimetres in the name of each signifies the ComfortZone, so you can see at a glance which tap height best suits your requirements. All you have to do is choose the one that offers you the most convenience for your everyday routine. 

The advantages of ComfortZone:

  • hansgrohe bathroom taps with ComfortZone are tailored to your requirements and intuitive to operate, with excellent design and sophisticated technology.
  • High, sometimes swivelling taps offer you extra elbow room and space, making them ideal for washing your hair at the wash basin or for filling up tall pots.
  • Our tailored tap solutions are for any wash basin, whether you have a built-in or counter top, hand basin or wash bowl.

Find your ideal spout height:

A spout height that suits your needs

The small hansgrohe ComfortZone is great for guest bathrooms, or in one where the predominant activity is hand washing. The medium tap height offers plenty of elbow room for everyday use. Of if you’d like extra space, you can can opt for a tap with an extra-high ComfortZone.

You can use hansgrohe taps with ComfortZone for both wall-mounted wash basins and wash bowls, and for sinks in floor units or built-in units. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern design, at hansgrohe, there’s a ComfortZone to suit every style.

We make it easy to find stylish, splash-free combinations, because we’ve already researched the perfect ComfortZone for lots of popular wash basins. Use the hansgrohe ComfortZone test to quickly find out which ComfortZone is compatible with your wash basin, even if it’s from another brand.

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