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Convenient controls to make things flow at your sink

When doing kitchen chores, everything revolves around the sink. The convenience levels, ergonomics, and design have to be just right here. Make life easy for yourself with a multi-functional kitchen tap with intuitive controls. This page provides an insight into hansgrohe controls. How do our handles, levers, and buttons work? What would be a good fit for your kitchen? 

Spotlight on sink mixers: where workflows flow together

You will use your kitchen tap many, many times. So you need to think about the look and feel, design, handle height, ergonomics, and high quality. Whether you want to operate your tap the traditional way or try out a modern model, there is something for every taste and every sink in the hansgrohe range. We make sure your kitchen tap is designed to be sturdy and high quality so that you’re happy with it for longer.

hansgrohe: 1001 good ideas for your kitchen

Your tap also comes with sensational and noticeable comfort features. As your freedom to move is important to us, our ComfortZone taps feature extra-tall spouts. Pull-out sprays or swivel functions also guarantee plenty of room at the sink. We also want you to spend as little time as possible cleaning. With QuickClean, you can simply rub off the deposits on the spout with your finger. Take a look at other technological benefits here.

When fitting your new sink, you should get a reputable dealer to give you as much advice as possible. You can touch and try out everything in the showroom to ensure you make the right choice.

1-hole kitchen tap with handle: classic controls

The classic when it comes to control technology is the kitchen tap with a lever handle that does it all: Turning the water off and on and controlling the temperature. Single lever taps are well-known and popular. So it should come as no surprise that they are the most common design option in our range. At hansgrohe, a handle isn’t just a handle: We offer three different designs. Which one do you like best?

  • The ergonomic, flat-shaped handle is easy on the hands with every use. The ‘twisted’ design is comfortable to grip and enables users to accurately adjust the water volume and temperature. This nicely shaped, elongated handle can be found in the hansgrohe Metris M71 tap range.

  • The large handle is sturdy, safe and convenient to use, even when things are hectic in the kitchen or your hands are dirty, soapy or slippery. The handle is always easy to grip and safe to use. This handle type can be found in the hansgrohe Focus M41 and Talis M51 tap ranges.

  • The vertical, upright pin handle impresses users with its delicate sleekness. It features a modern and minimalist design and is perfect when space at the sink is limited. This elegant stylus can be found in the hansgrohe Talis M54 tap range.

When it gets tight: Choose space-saving handle positioning

Is there limited space between the wall/window and sink unit tap in your kitchen? No problem. Opt for a tall tap with a high arc spout and vertical pin handle, such as the Talis M52. Or a Focus M42 150 single lever kitchen tap with a horizontal handle on the tap. Most of these taps are compact and feature large handles. Also practical: models with the tilt function for installation in front of a window.

Two spray types: a lavish way to wash vegetables 

You want a tap with two spray types that showers like a pro? Understandable. hansgrohe boasts a wide variety of models to suit your needs. You can conveniently select the spray type of your choice on the practical diverter button on the tap’s spout: The universal laminar spray can fill even the largest of containers quickly and efficiently. The shower spray is soft, efficient, and splash-free as it is mixed with air (AirPower) – perfect for rinsing vegetables, fish or meat. 

hansgrohe 1-hole kitchen tap with lever handle.
The Focus M41 is a tall 1-hole kitchen tap with a large handle. It is always sturdy, safe and easy to use. Even if your hands are dirty or slippery.

Kitchen tap with Select push button: the optimum workflow at the touch of a button

A button is the ultimate control element for the modern kitchen. But not just any button, the hansgrohe Select push button. It can be found on the tap’s spout and used to start and stop the flow of water when doing chores – the convenient and targeted way to work with water.

Single-handed operation gets the thumbs up

The Select push button gives you extra flexibility when doing chores and provides the ultimate in ergonomics. How to turn the water on and off: One touch = water flow is stopped. Another touch = water flow is continued. You can control the Select push button conveniently using your fingers, the back of your hand, your thumbs or your arm – whatever is handy when you’re in the middle of doing chores. So you always have one hand free to hold a bowl, jug or plant. The innovative Select technology also helps you to conserve resources. As the water can be precisely controlled and quickly turned off at the touch of a button, it is also very eco-friendly.

Select tap with pull-out spray: flexible and ready for action

The smart button is always on top form on Select taps with a practical pull-out spout, which can be extended to up to 76 cm and is so lightweight and straight that you won’t even need to rotate your wrist. You can use the flexible spout to take the water supply to your worktop or window sill or reroute it to the neighbouring sink basin. 2Spray Select is the latest upgrade for the hansgrohe Talis M51 and Metris M71 kitchen tap ranges. This control function enables you to start/stop the water (using the Select push button) on the pull-out spray AND switch to a different spray type there (using the diverter button). Everything flows well with these one-handed controls. If you’re interested in a pull-out spout or pull-out spray, take a look at the sBox, which tidies up the kitchen sink cabinet and ensures the hose glides smoothly.

Off its rocker: Manage water from the sink rim using a rocker lever

hansgrohe kitchen tap, operated using the rocker lever
Every move is perfectly executed thanks to a separate control element. It makes the workflow flow, it saves time, and it makes cooking and using the sink even more enjoyable.

A separate rocker lever is installed in the rim of your sink – an elegant alternative to having a handle on your kitchen tap. This gives your sink a highly modern, minimalist look and is ultra-easy to use. The rocker lever initially activates the water flow at the sink. The water volume can be controlled by tipping the handle, while the water temperature is controlled by smoothly turning the handle. With this model, you can use the tap’s Select push button to start or stop the water at any point. It is intuitive while you use your kitchen tap. When the kitchen chores are done, you can stop the water flow using the rocker lever.

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