Water control at your fingertips

Rethink the sink, with the hansgrohe M71 range Select 2-hole variant

The M71 range in the Select 2-hole variant takes a completely fresh look at modern sink design, positioning the water control element on the sink rim, rather than on the tap. The innovative and practical Select button offers you convenience, as well as a sleek minimalist design that will make your sink a focal point of your kitchen.

hansgrohe range M71 with separate shut-off valve.
Minimalist design, sophisticated features. The latest hansgrohe products in the M71 range will become the centrepiece of your kitchen.

Twice the convenience:

Once you’ve used the M71 Select 2-hole variant you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The repositioning of the water control to the front of the sink makes things simpler and more ergonomic. There’s greater flexibility overall thank to the innovative sBox,  which allows the tap to be pulled out up to 76cm, thanks to the hose housed within this clever piece of hansgrohe technology. Available in two variants, both feature the minimalist design than makes the M71 Select so attractive.

One touch operation

Customise your sink to create a kitchen that works for you, by choosing whether to place the Select push button on the sink rim or on your worktop. Whether you have your hands full or they’re dirty from cooking, you’ll find the one touch operation of the tap makes life infinitely easier.

Even the tap body itself has smart features to make your chores simpler. You can preset the water volume and temperature, as well as switch from the normal spray to the shower spray, via the conveniently placed controls on the tap itself.

Tilt and turn:

Meet the most intuitive water control function ever - on the M71 variant with a rocker lever on the sink rim, you can control everything. Tilt the lever to increase or decrease the water volume, and turn it to adjust the temperature. This variant also integrates Select technology, with a streamlined button on the tap button which allows you to turn the water flow on and off.  

Find out more about our new M71 Select 2-hole kitchen taps, and start imagining the convenience they can bring to your kitchen.

Revolutionary control unit for working in the kitchen.
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