The wash basin as a design statement

Wooden wash basins: sustainable design for your dream bathroom

The walls are freshly painted, beautiful accessories are taking pride of place and the spa shower is ready and waiting: Wouldn’t it be nice if a special wash basin design added the finishing touches to the overall effect of your beautiful bathroom? Maybe you could break with tradition and go for something other than the ceramic model. In this article, you can learn more about the wood option as a stylish alternative.

Two wash basins in front of a grey wall with mirrors
The unusual grains draw attention to these wash basins and form a natural contrast to the cooler style of the wall design.

Turn your wash basin unit into an eye-catching statement

When it comes to bathroom design, the area where you wash is an important aspect. This is where we start the day in the morning and look ourselves in the mirror one last time at night. So we spend lots of time in this place, which is why it should have an appealing design.

At the centre of it all is the wash basin, which is usually made of ceramics. If, however, you want a bold and unique basin, you should consider having a wooden one installed. Every variety of wood shines in its own unique way and features a different pattern: Whereas light woods look very appealing, open and natural, dark woods add an elegant and luxurious touch to the room.

Wood can also be shaped. So when it is being made to order, you can have a say in exactly what you want the wash basin to look like and whether it should be directly integrated into the wash basin unit. 

Wooden wash bowl with green apples
The raw material is associated with nature, vitality and serenity, which you can incorporate into your bathroom design.

If nothing else, choosing this kind of wash basin is an ecological decision for several reasons:

  • Renewable material: Trees regrow, making it a sustainable material.
  • Recyclable: If you no longer need the wash basin and it has been sealed using eco-friendly products, it can be used as firewood or in the garden.
  • Low emissions: Use varieties from nearby producers so that your designer item is locally sourced. 
  • Statement piece: Bathroom elements made of the natural material are rare. The use of your own choice of wood means they are always unique pieces.

The wooden wash basin is the perfect fit for the feel-good oasis, as the material exudes serenity and warmth. But it can also be used as a stylish eye-catcher in a minimalist bathroom. 

Four steps to your new favourite wash basin

If you're opting for a unique design, you should take the following steps when making your purchase: 

  • Choose a variety: Do you want the washing area in your designer bathroom to be eye-catching? Or is it another element in your tranquil oasis? Choose the variety of wood that stylishly emphasises the room’s character. 
  • Choose a shape: Round and soft, linear and cool. Or maybe a double wash basin for the whole family? Choose the shape that meets your needs.
  • Custom design or off-the-shelf model: You can choose between numerous models or have your dream piece made to order. When making your decision, be mindful of the wood’s origin and the FSC or PEFC label, as these verify that the forests are sustainably managed.
  • Get a professional to install your wooden wash bowl: The only way to guarantee long-lasting joy at your new wash basin is to ensure the surface is properly sealed and the wash basin is correctly installed.

The surface needs to be professionally sealed to ensure the natural material lasts as long as it can. This can be done using eco-friendly waxes or oils, and it needs to be regularly resealed. Alternatives include epoxy resin or waterproof glue.

When it comes to design, wood is an all-rounder

Each variety is unique and can be fashioned into any shape. This makes wood an amazing material for special, one-of-a-kind interior design. Use it in the bathroom to create an interesting eye-catcher with sustainable flair.

Frequently asked questions about modern wash basins

What are the benefits of a model made of wood?

With its special material and unique grain, this kind of model is a unique eye-catching product and a genuine design highlight in every wet room. And unlike ceramics, it is a sustainable material that is straightforward to recycle.

How can I incorporate this kind of item as a design piece?

Dark woods express elegance, which is why they are used in spas or rooms with a minimalist design. Lighter woods look fresh, friendly and natural.

What do I need to be aware of when choosing the model?

Whether you want a small model or double basin for the family, the wash basin should be large enough and deep enough for your needs. The wood should also be FSC- or PEFC-certified and locally sourced.

What makes wooden wash basins a part of sustainable interior design?

Wood is a raw material that regrows. When grown and sourced locally, it becomes a low-emission and sustainable material.

How can you make wood last for as long as possible?

The treated natural material needs to be professionally sealed. Ask your dealer for advice on the recommended way to clean the respective seal.
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