The trends to expect in 2023

Bathroom trends for 2023: Rethinking the room

Are you already thinking about your 2023 design projects? And have you got your sights set on the bathroom? Then you might want to learn about the current bathroom trends and new ideas for materials and designs. We can tell you this much: It’s about to get cosy in here!

Minimalist design with soothing lighting
Smart tools can be used to conjure unique lighting to suit personal needs.

Design trends: you will have bright prospects with these colours and materials

Light and natural bathroom design as a trend for 2023
Wood elements and accessories made of other natural materials create a cosy atmosphere here.
The feel-good oasis trend will go from strength to strength in the coming year. The bathroom is no longer a purely functional room. It has become a place with a welcoming ambiance: We can end the day here, listening to our favourite music while enjoying a hot shower or leafing through a magazine sat on an armchair while the children splash about in the tub. 

This year’s trends will also help to create this kind of cosy atmosphere:

  • Bold colours as a contrast: The tap in warm metallics or the vibrant wash basin are eye-catching pieces in nature-inspired, sleek Scandi-style bathrooms. 
  • Black is for the brave: Black ceramics, taps and furniture are joining vintage and practical ceramics in white to add elegance to the room. You can also play with monochrome contrasts here.
  • Matt finishes: While shiny tiles and ceramics have quite a cosy effect, they immediately look ultra-elegant when surrounded by a matt surface finish. 
  • Seamless showers: Decorative back walls in the shower or at the wash basin are an interesting alternative to conventional tiles that give the room a cosy feel. You can choose from numerous decorative panels in various colours and effects here. 
  • Beautiful wallpaper: Wallpaper with spectacular panoramas, playful floral motifs or minimalist graphics are continuing trends here.
  • New inspiration from nature: Real wood and wood-effect surface finishes are finally making their way into the bathroom. Water-repelling techniques and materials have made this possible. The renewable raw material can be purchased as tiles, wash basins or authentic wood flooring.
  • Large marble tiles: The large surfaces of the wall and flooring tiles, which can be up to three metres in length, create a sense of calm and exude elegance and taste, without the spotlight shining on them too much.

Spotlight on sustainable design and smart technology

The 2023 bathroom trends don’t just focus on design aspects, but on themes such as sustainability and the smart home: 

  • Sustainability: Furniture and materials are increasingly being chosen for their sustainability aspects, such as the way they are manufactured and treated. Buyers also want high-quality products that last, thus saving on resources.
  • Energy saving: If you save water, you save money. This is why economical shower systems, energy-saving LED lights and smart thermostats are so popular.
  • Smart home controls: The lights, heating and sound system can be conveniently controlled via your smartphone, even while you’re chilling out in the bath tub. 
  • Hygienic comfort: Rimless electronic bidets with a built-in dryer make cleaning easier, more pleasant and more hygienic. 

2023 is all about relaxing in a cosy and sustainable setting

There’s still room for (home) improvement: If you know the trends for the years to come, you can purposefully implement them. The trends demonstrate that bathrooms can be so much more than purely functional rooms. With loving details and high-quality materials, they are the perfect place to relax and feel good in your home. By choosing high-quality, long-lasting products for our home, we can all play our part in living a more sustainable life. After all, being mindful of how we use resources is on trend right now.

Frequently asked questions about the trends for 2023

Where is bathroom design headed?

The room is not purely functional – it should be seen as a place for relaxation and recovery. Which is why bathroom design trends are becoming cosier and more centred around people’s needs. 

Which colours are on trend?

All-black designs plus accents in bold colours or metallic shades are all popular right now. Matt surface finishes add an elegant touch.

Which materials are popular right now?

Furniture, flooring and walls in wood, large marble tiles and wallpaper with floral and graphic motifs are very popular.

What role does sustainability play?

An increasing number of technical gadgets are being used in an effort to save energy. They include economical shower systems, LED lights and smart thermostats to control the heating. Sustainable trends include using wood as a renewable raw material. 

Is ‘smart home’ now a thing in the bathroom, too?

‘Smart home’ is trendy right now. You can control your lights, music and heating via an app, even when enjoying a soak in the bath. 
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