Wash basins: a product & style guide

Advice on finding the right tap

There are more options for an attractive wash basin than you might think: taps with a round or linear design, a pin or bow-shaped handle. Without a lever, mounted to the wall or floor-standing. We show you styles to suit and offer installation advice for your bathroom expert. No matter the budget, you will find the right tap here.

Find the right tap.
The hansgrohe Metropol tap range: modern taps for every wash basin and every taste.

Tap replacement, concealed installation or bathroom renovation?

Let’s run through the options:

  1. Small-scale solution: Spruce up your wash basin with a new tap.
  2. Medium-scale solution: Choose innovative concealed installation options or taps for the rim of the basin. The tap AND wash basin will be refreshed.
  3. Large-scale solution: Rebuild or plan a complete renovation of your bathroom.

1. Nice, fast, low-cost: tap replacement

Time for a new tap? The following products can be effortlessly fitted on standard wash basins:

  • Single lever taps 
    User-friendly mixer taps for controlling water temperature and volume with one hand. They sit on a wall-mounted wash basin or a free-standing wash bowl.
  • Single lever basin taps with swivel spout 
    A mixer tap with a tall, curved shape for more room to move at the wash basin, with the added convenience of being able to fill tall or large containers. The swivel spout is also an excellent helper when cleaning ceramics.
  • Single lever taps for wash bowls 
    Tall, slimline taps, also known as “Highrisers”, look elegant and can be installed behind or next to (counter top) wash bowls. For a shiny and modern ensemble.
  • Two handle mixers add classic elegance to bathrooms. The handles for cold and hot water are affixed to the right and left of the tap spout (or next to it) so the temperature and volume can be set separately. Add gloriously nostalgic bathroom flair with star handles or hints of gold.

For more convenience and freedom to move, you can get almost every tap type in a range of heights from hansgrohe. From a mini hand basin to a spacious built-in wash basin, creating the largest possible ComfortZone will depend on your wash basin.

2. Innovative, user-friendly tap solutions and perfect tap/wash basin combinations

Do you like unusual design and want to try something other than a mixer tap? You have the following options:

  • Designer taps without a lever 
    Ultra-modern and minimalist design: Stop and start water at the touch of a button with the intuitive Select taps.
  • 3-hole basin taps
    Two separate control elements – e.g. traditional star handles, ergonomic lever handles or minimalist zero handles – are flush-mounted in the rim of the wash basin on the right and left side of the free-standing tap. So the water flow and temperature are controlled with two hands. This premium tap, which requires three holes in the wash basin, adds a hint of nostalgia to bathrooms with a traditional design.
  • Wall-mounted single lever taps 
    These taps are installed with a concealed base set, so the taps protrude horizontally from the wall to create space and a good ComfortZone. Bowls or wash basins look elegant without a tap and can be easier to clean. Another nice option is the wall-mounted version with three holes. Do you want to replace the tap and wash basin in one go? Good decision. A stylish duo can really enhance your bathroom. We recommend taking the hansgrohe ComfortZone test to make sure everything matches up, both in terms of functionality and style. hansgrohe has tested more than 12,000 tap and wash basin combinations so that you can make the right choice.

3. New dream bathroom with matching bathroom taps

Design your very own feel-good oasis with matching bathroom taps. We recommend selecting products from one designer range for a consistent look. That way, your great taste will shine though at the wash basin, in the shower, on the bath tub and by the bidet. Discover the graceful Metropol tap range, for example, with its winning formula of parallel lines and linear edges. We have an extravagant design option for your wash basin here:

  • The floor-standing single lever tap 
    Rising up out of the ground, these extra-tall taps look amazing next to modern wash basins. You need to allow plenty of space to feel the full effect.

Glossary: a who’s who for tap customers

As we are experts in taps, here are some explanations of terms and products relating to the wash basin as well as in-depth information on taps mentioned elsewhere on this website.
  • Waste sets
    Most taps come with one of two waste sets: either a pull rod or a push-open valve. If a pull rod is integrated in the tap (via a small hole in the tap body), light pull or pressure will open or close the plug in the wash basin. So the retained water drains away without getting hands wet. The water can be quickly and conveniently drained with the push-open version with a quick push of the pressure plug, which is not connected to the tap and so can be used effortlessly.
  • Sensor taps
    Electronic taps feature an infrared sensor. They are very economical as water will only flow if hands are near the sensor. As these taps are barely touched, they do not get caked in soap or limescale, making them easier to clean. And hygienic, as there is a reduced risk of infection through germs. These sensor-controlled water sources are therefore highly recommended for public places and in the health care sector. Electronic taps can be battery-operated or connected to mains electricity. The temperature can be set on a small control unit in or on the tap body.
  • Care taps
    In the sanitary industry, “Care” is synonymous with taps designed to suit the needs of the elderly or people with restricted mobility. This translates to longer, sometimes curved, operating levers that are generally easier to reach and use. Care taps are also perfect for timeless multi-generational bathrooms.
  • CoolStart taps
    In everyday scenarios, there are countless times when a splash of cold water is all you need. The problem is the continuous flow heater or circulation pump on standard taps starts up immediately when the handle is in the middle position – a waste of energy with every use. But if taps are fitted with the eco-friendly hansgrohe CoolStart function, hot water only flows when you really need it. There is a simple trick to it: It is not possible to move the lever to the right. So only cold water comes out at first. If you want hot water, you will need to deliberately move the lever to the left. A smart way to conserve resources.
  • Rotatable spout
    A rotatable spout is a moving tap spout that significantly increases the working radius around the wash basin. The water spray is directed to where it needs to be and increases the ComfortZone when rinsing out your mouth, washing your face or wet shaving. And cleaning the wash basin becomes more convenient as cleansing foam can be rinsed away more effectively.
  • Non-pressurised taps, low pressure taps
    Households with a non-pressurised hot water supply need a low pressure tap. Non-pressurised storage water heaters, also known as open vent boilers, are needed for the hot water supply. Low pressure taps are mixer taps in which the spout is always open. Once the tap is turned on, cold fresh water enters the boiler, and the hot water is pushed upwards. Low pressure taps therefore respond to the water expansion with a drop-for-drop overflow during each heating phase (non-pressurised system). Warning: If an open-vented water heater is combined with a conventional tap, it will damage the boiler because conventional taps completely lock the spout in the closed position and do not permit any overflow.
  • Installing hansgrohe taps is easy
    hansgrohe taps can be fitted quickly and easily as they come with flexible connections to enable a large working radius for the angle valves. The plumber will really appreciate it, as there is no need to cut anything to size and standard tools can be used for the installation.
  • Materials, surface finishes
    You will notice the difference with premium taps, as quality is the priority in both the design and the material. At Hansgrohe, taps are elaborately chrome-plated to add a touch of elegance. This creates an extra layer of resilience and durability and a beautiful shine to their surfaces. The cartridge – the motor and core of every tap – is also made in Germany. When it comes to bathroom products, safety, hygiene, and premium functionality are essential. This is why the material and inner workings of hansgrohe taps are always excellent. It goes without saying that the materials used fulfil the applicable standards and regulations. Find out what made by hansgrohe quality actually means here.
  • Free-standing taps, floor-standing taps
    Free-standing taps are attractive design pieces and head-turners in the bathroom as they rise up out of wash basins, bowls or bath tubs like sculptures. They are installed either on or next to the (counter top) wash bowl. The floor-standing tap is a highly elegant variety of free-standing tap. It is best matched with free-standing wash basins or bath tubs, especially if the bathroom has the space. These taps are installed on the floor. The bathroom specialist will attach them to an underfloor water connection (using a base set).
  • Select taps
    Make do without a lever and select your shower pleasure with the Select function on ultra-modern taps. This gives the taps an attractive slimline look and helps them to conserve resources, as the fast-acting button that controls the water flow here makes it so much easier to shut off the water. The temperature can be conveniently set at the top, on the moving part of the tap.
  • Outlet valves
    Dispensing or outlet valves are simple taps through which only cold water or pre-heated water flows (e.g. from an angle-valve thermostat). Perfect for basements, laundry rooms, garages, guest bathrooms or schools and nurseries.
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