Planning your bathroom

A guide to designing a bathroom that works for you

Whether you’re designing a bathroom from scratch or renovating an existing space, it’s useful to spend some time exploring what your ideal bathroom looks like. From a relaxing haven from the outside world to a vibrant and modern space full of the latest technology, hansgrohe is on hand to guide you through your options.

The freedom of the new

Designing for a new build gives your imagination the freedom to run wild. From the floor plan to the decor, everything can be tailored to your own tastes and requirements. It’s also a chance to integrate some of the most innovative technology, ensuring that your bathroom fulfils your needs well into the future.

Personal priorities

Use our checklists to methodically work through the design and planning stages for your new bathroom.  

The first step is to consider who will be using your bathroom - is it just for you, or are there young children or perhaps older parents who will share it? It’s worth considering its use not just today, but for the future as well. Designing a multigenerational bathroom gives you peace of mind that your investment will serve your whole family long-term, and hansgrohe offers a wealth of attractive designs that offer both form and function.

Tips for bathroom design.
Planning a new bathroom involves the prospect of creating your own customised feel-good atmosphere, added comfort and attractive design. What is it important to consider beforehand? Our checklists will help you.

Discover bathroom trends and innovative technologies

Take advantage of the latest advances in bathroom technology, to create your ideal space. Consider a wet room-style shower, or a super-sized shower spray with our XXL Performance innovation. Speak to a professional to find out what’s new in bathroom design, and share bathroom ideas with your architect or interior designer.

How to future-proof your bathroom


Adding a hansgrohe iBox universal allows you to easily change a concealed valve solution, which is particularly useful if you’re currently on a budget, but would like to install a top-quality product at some point in the future. Every concealed valve from hansgrohe is compatible with the iBox universal.

Select innovation allows you to control water by the touch of a button, which is intuitive and useful if you’re creating a multigenerational bathroom. Innovations such as AirPower and EcoSmart help you to save both water and energy, cutting the costs of your bathroom on a long-term basis.

Find your design language

Choosing a consistent style is also important, so that you can create a cohesive design aesthetic in your space. Our ranges are categorised as Modern, Avantgarde and Classic, to make choosing complementary products simple.

Simply download this for your visit to the dealer

To create your dream bathroom, perfect preparation is key: on this checklist, note down for the dealer what needs to be kept in mind when planning. Plus your requirements for the new bathroom.

Checklist to fill in and take with you to the dealer

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